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Campus courses moved online due to COVID-19 will qualify as resident courses for Monthly Housing Allowance purposes. This guide will help you determine if your course(s) will qualify.


Post 9/11, Fry Scholarship and Voc Rehab recipients attending MSU Denver this fall will need to register and verify their class status to ensure they have at least (1) class that is labeled as being taken on the “Main” campus along with being registered for 12 or more credit hours for undergraduate and 6 credits hours for graduate to be considered full time and eligible for the full Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA). Although it may be taught online a Main Campus course will qualify as on campus (resident) for MHA.


Courses are listed as either being on Main Campus, or Online Campus. This information can be accessed under Register->Class Registration->Student Detail Schedule (Fall 2020 Semester) when starting from the MSU Denver main page found here: Student Hub. This information is found under Campus and is circled in red below.


  • Along with these categories, students will also see that a class may be considered synchronous, asynchronous, or main/face-to-face. This information can be found under the Where column circled in blue below and informs the student as to how their class will be conducted.


  • A course labeled as Synchronous – A type of online learning, synchronous courses include required live virtual class sessions on a consistent, predetermined schedule. These courses may have weekly course meetings, midterm or finals study sessions, or live group project requirements. 


  • Asynchronous – Also a type of online learning, asynchronous courses allow students to review course content and complete course requirements without needing to attend live, required virtual sessions. Asynchronous course content can include record lectures, readings, videos, audio lessons, PowerPoints and notes. Asynchronous learning requires review of content within a predetermined timeframe, but those windows are usually within days or weeks, not hours like required live lectures.


  • Lastly, courses listed as Main/Face-To-Face – These courses will meet on campus in fall 2020 with fewer students per classroom than past semester, students and faculty adhering to social-distancing guidelines, and additional cleaning and safety procedures implemented across campus.                                                                                                                                                                    



Please visit the Office of the Registrar Fall Registration Guide for more details. Fall 2020 Course Registration & Online Course Formats Guide

Certification Request for VA Benefits - Please do not submit this form until you have registered for classes.

Post 9/11 and Fry Scholarship students, be aware, this form should be submitted immediately after you register but no later than the first day of classes to avoid service charges on your account. If you submit this less than 30 days prior to the first VA payday, your pay may be delayed from the VA, but it will be back paid.

Please note:You must submit a certification request for each semester you want certified. 

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