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COVID-19 Legislation

Based on the new law, Post 9/11 GI Bill students who pursue resident courses converted to an online modality solely due to COVID 19 will continue to receive the MHA rate for resident training. The law only authorizes this special authority from March 1, 2020, to December 21, 2020. VA will continue to pay GI Bill benefits regardless of the change from resident to online training to slow the spread of Coronavirus.

This law covers courses that were moved from campus (resident) to online due to COVID-19. If you choose to take solely online courses, those that were always offered as online instruction, your housing rate will be half the national average per month of $916.50 for full time enrollment.

Public Law No: 116-128 03/21/2020

An extension was passed to protect the housing allowance for campus courses moved online due to the pandemic until December 21, 2021. This allows the VA to continue to pay the resident housing allowance for courses moved from campus to online

Public Law No: 116-159 10/01/2020


Contact us via email with questions 


Dowload this excel spreadheet and follow the instructions below to identify on campus and/or converted courses that qualify towards full housing allowance under Post 9/11 GI Bill regulation.   

Spring Campus and Converted Courses Spreadsheet



Per VA regulation courses that were converted from campus to online due to COVID-19 can still be certified as resident, “on campus” courses to qualify for full monthly housing allowance.   

As such you must ensure that at least one of your courses is on this spreadsheet to qualify for the full monthly housing allowance. 

It should also be noted that you must have 12 credit hours to receive the full amount of the monthly housing allowance; 6 credits for those in graduate programs.  Course should also be full term, January 19th, 2021 to May 15th, 2021 to ensure you receive the housing allowance for the duration of the semester. Partial term courses can impact the monthly housing rate.

Please follow these steps to ensure success in finding a course that qualifies.     

Option 1: Select a course that will have in person class sessions in Spring 2021.

Step 1: Open the excel spreadsheet and select the first tab at the bottom left labeled “Spring 2021 Campus Courses” and find at least one on campus course that is required for your program.

Step 2: Log into your student hub registration menu and search for that specific course section and register.

Option 2:

Step 1:  Login to your student hub to view the 2021 course schedule.  Then find the course you want to take.    

Step 2:  Open the excel spreadsheet select the “Spring 2020 Campus Courses” in the bottom tab.  Match one of your courses to the spread sheet.  First match the subject line (ACC, AAS, MTH, MGT etc.)  then match the course number (2500, 4850, 1010 etc.) Match the section number (1,2,3,4 etc.)

If you have a course that matches all three category’s congratulations, you have a course that was converted from campus to online due to the COVID pandemic and therefore qualify for the resident monthly housing allowance. Go ahead and register. 

Again, only one of your courses needs to meet this criterion the rest can be taken online if need be, or you can choose one of the courses being offered on campus if it falls in your degree program.       

Please contact us with any questions. 


Summer campus courses and qualifying converted courses (moved from campus to online) that qualify for full housing allowance under Post 9/11 will be much easier to identify this summer. 

  • Course that will meet on campus will have a building location and a campus code of M for Main

  • Converted course sections will have a V at the end of the section and these online courses will qualify as on campus. Example MGT 2210 01V

To qualify for full Post 9/11 housing allowance in summer 2021 you must be regsitered for 6 credits from 6/14/2021 to 8/07/2021 and at least one of these course must be on campus or a converted course.

  • For other start and end dates please contact us so we can help determine your rate of pursuit. 

  • Housing will be prorated if less than full time. Housing can only be paid if enrolled more than half time (4 credits minimum summer)

Summer 2021 GI Bill® Information


  • Summer '21 - Undergraduate and graduate full time for VA benefits is 6 credits from 6/14/2021 to 8/07/2021. Partial term courses can impact benefit payments.
  • Benefits are prorated when enrolled less than full time. 
  • Post 9/11 requires enrollment of greater than half time (at least 4 credits during summer) to receive Monthly Housing Allowance. 
  • Distance learning courses (online, correspondence, self-paced online) can affect Post 9/11 MHA. Contact us with questions. 
    • Resident courses moved online by the school due to COVID-19 are excluded from this rule (see guide above) 
  • Post 9/11, students need to submit a Certification Request no later than 6/14/2021 for fall to avoid service fees. Tuition does not need to be paid up front when a certification is submitted on time and you can disregard any notice about your balance unless you are less than 100% eligible for Post 9/11. 
  • Only courses that are required for your degree can be certified.
  • Please read other important reminders in the box below. 

After registration, you must submit a Certification Request in order to receive your benefits.


Current Post 9/11 Payment Rates (100% eligibility)

Zip CodeVA Rate* DOD Rate
80217 $2300 $2208
* DOD Rate applies to the Post 9/11 GI Bill students who had not previously used their benefits before 1/1/2018.

These payments are prorated (not a full payment) for months when you are not in class the entire month. (January, May, June, August, December) 

Important Reminders

All Benefits 

  • The VA pays in arrears (first of the month for the prior month) and prorated for any month in which you are not in class for the full month
  • All students must submit a Certification Request after registration for each semester they intend to receive VA payments. 
  • Only courses that are degree requirements can be certified
  • Online remedial courses are prohibited from being certified for VA benefits
  • Inform us of ANY registration changes so we can report that in a timely manner and advise you of the impact.

 Post 9/11 & Fry Scholarship 

  • Students in only distance learning courses (online, self-paced and correspondence) are only eligible for Half the National Average of BAH
  • Book stipend is capped at 24 credits for the academic year. If you attend full time in Fall and full time in Spring, you will not receive a book stipend for Summer
  • If you attend half time or less you will not receive BAH. BAH eligibility
  • Active Duty members are not eligible for the BAH.  If you separate from active duty during the term or applied for benefits prior to separation the VA will need your DD214 to change your status.
  • VA Will Not Pay For Any Tivoli Book Store Charges to Your Account 
  • The VA will pay for the mandatory school health insurance if you are 100% eligble for Post 9/11 GI Bill. Keep the additional insurance even if you already have coverage. 

Post 9/11, Fry Scholarship & Voc Rehab

  • Once the add/drop deadline passes and charges are solidified tuition and fees will be reported to the VA for Post 9/11 and Fry
  • Voc Rehab will be paid by your counselor when they are invoiced after add/drop by the Bursars Office

  Montgomery GI Bill (Chapters 30 & 1606)

  • You must verify your enrollment with the VA 
  • Verify the last day of the month to release payment
  • Call 1-877-823-2378 or visit W.A.V.E to verify enrollment

In accordance with section 103, Public Law 115-407, Metropolitan State University of Denver will not penalize or limit the participation of students covered under the Chapter 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill ® or Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation while awaiting the payment of tuition and fees by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The University will not drop covered students for non-payment.

  1. To be a covered individual, MSU Denver will require the following documentation by the first payment deadline, no later than the first day of the start of the term:
    1. Certificate of Eligibility; or
    2. Statement of benefits; or
    3. VA Form 28-1905; and
    4. Certification Request by the first day of the term.
  2. If the student fails to request this status by the start of the term, the student will be subject to service charges as stated on the Bursar’s Office website.
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