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Resources Beyond Campus

Many local and national organizations exist to serve and support veterans in many areas.

Please note: MSU Denver provides these links as a convenience to students, but does not specifically endorse these organizations or services.

  1. American Addiction Centers.  Guide for addicted veterans and their families. Click to view resource guide
  2. Center of Hope.  For Men and Women, Faith-based, Cost free, Drug and alcohol addiction.  P:  303-935-7746    Address: 5303 W Kentucky Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226.
  3. Christian Recovery Home.  For men and women,Faith based drug and alcohol addiction, Recovery home with fee.  P:  303-937-7460    Address:  3502 W Walsh Place, Denver, CO 80219.
  4. Denver Health.  For men and women, Non-medical, clinically managed services, 1.5-3 month residential stay with fee. P: 303-436-3500   Address:  1155 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80204 
  5. Denver Rescue Mission: Champa House- New Life Program for Women.  For single mothers at least 18 y/o with kids under 12 , 1-2 years with room and board included.  2544 Champa St, Denver CO 80205.
  6. Denver Rescue Mission: The Crossing- New Life Program for Men.  For Men at least 18 y/o , 1-2 years with room and board included.  P:303-953-7746    Address: 6090 Smith Road,Denver CO 80216 
  7. Sobriety House Inc: Sobriety House.  Fee based, 12 step residential or outpatient.  P:  303-722-5746  Housing info: 720-381-4337  Address:  107 Acoma St, Denver, CO 80223 
  8. Sobriety House: Phoenix Concept.  Male only sober living, Rooms for rent.  P:  303-293-3620   Housing Info: 303-293-3620  Address: 2162 Lawrence St, Denver CO 80205 
  9. Sobriety House: Stepping Stone.  Women only, Fee-based, 12 step treatment and housing, Group therapy and daily meetings required.        P: 303-333-5407 Housing Info: 720-381-4337  Address:  1368 Elizabeth St, Denver CO 80206  
  10. Step 13.  For men at least 21, Transitional housing and recovery program, Access to employment assistance, 12 step meetings, alcohol & drug tests required. P:  303-295-7837    Address:  2029 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205  
  11. Sunshine Behavioral Health


Military Crosswalk Search

Crosswalk your MOS, Ratings or AFSC to civilian careers. Translate to civilian duties and build your resume. 

USA Jobs

Federal employment job portal

Hire Heroes USA

Job postings for veterans and related job seeker resources

Money Geek: From Camo to Business Casual

A Veteran's Guide to Job Hunting in a Civilian's World

Denver VA Medical Center
Comprehensive health care for eligible veterans

OEF/OIF Health Care
For returning service members

A variety of confidential mental health services for eligible veterans

American Addictions Centers
Guide for addicted veterans and their families

Resources for Asbestos Exposure
Department of Veterans Affairs
Mesothelioma Veterans Center Veteran Resources


Stateside Legal

Legal assistance for military members, veterans, and their families

Colorado Legal Services

Legal assistance for low-income Coloradans

Lawyers Serving Warriors 

NVLSP's Lawyers Serving Warriors® program offers pro bono (that is, free) legal help with disability issues to veterans from all eras.






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