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Readings and Resources

STEM education resource materials and readings

Reference articles and other resource materials that may be of interest to students and educators in STEM fields.


National Survey Reveals Students Want Hands-On, Real World STEM Education

Teens Like Science, Not Science Class, Study Finds

Granting access to STEM

Strong Instructional Practice

Chemical Safety Training for Science Teachers

Interview with Mentor Teachers: 

A Scholar's Interview with Mentor Teacher, Christine Kamin


Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory

Teaching Resources

Skype a Scientist

Pacific Education Institute 

Management Tips

Noyce U-STEM Observational Tool

Programs and Suggested Courses:

School of Education Program Application

CET 1040 Introduction to Engineering

Note: This course is an introductory engineering course exposing students to a cross section of topics in engineering disciplines.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):

The GLOBE Program Teaching Standards

The GLOBE NGSS Alignment Document

Note: This is a dense document, but the grade-band pages may be of interest.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Next Generation Science Standards Webinars

Note: Webinar #6 is for K-12 teachers. Other webinars in this series are a good overview of how to read the NGSS as a framework.



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