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Resources for Scholars and Alumni

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  • Mock Interview Workshop: March 10th, 5-7 pm at Baerressen Ballroom, Tivoli

High-needs Schools

  • Check out this document for the schools, the salaries, and turnover of high-needs schools in Colorado

Need Help with the Praxis?

The Colorado State Board of Education voted unanimously, at their June 2016 State Board of Education meeting, to adopt the Praxis exam series for Colorado's endorsement areas.  Passing scores on the required licensure exams are also required for teacher candidates to apply for their teaching license through the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).

It is highly advised to take the Praxis exam before one's student teaching semester.

Past Scholars recommend getting the Praxis exam book and taking the practice exams.  Local libraries often have books and free links to the practice tests.  

Other Recommended Study Resources Include:



Check out more information about the Praxis exam here

Searching for a Job?

Check out these tools to prepare.

Don't forget to check out Career Services

  • Graduated longer than a year ago? No worries! Simply connect with the advisor with Alumni Career Services.  
Simply connect with the advisor with Alumni Career Services. Contact: Jane Grogan, 303-721-1906 or

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