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New applicants, and previous Scholarship recipients, should plan to reapply each semester for consideration to receive scholarship funds. If you have questions about whether you qualify for the scholarship or about applying, please contact:  Janelle Johnson, Ph.D.

Noyce U-R STEM Advisors

Please meet with a U-R STEM program advisor for full details on the scholarship obligations and application process.


The Noyce U-R STEM community is aligned with and committed to the School of Education’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement:

The MSU Denver School of Education (SOE) actively promotes justice through diversity, equity, and inclusion as critically important to its success. A major strength of our community is its ongoing commitment to recruit, support, and educate students, staff, and faculty from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

We acknowledge the present and historical systems of oppression and marginalization that permeate all levels of society and believe these structures of power and privilege need to be deeply understood by all members of our SOE community. We are committed to actively dismantling these systems and barriers within our SOE. We seek to create an environment that invites honest and respectful dialogue, treats community members with dignity and respect, and manage tensions and differing viewpoints with thoughtful engagement, conversation, and inquiry.


Please note the following:

An individual cannot be supported with funding from both a U.S. Department of Education (USDoEd) TEACH Grant and the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program. Each program, the Noyce program and the TEACH Grant program, is intended to increase the number of well-prepared certified individuals teaching in high-need school districts (for Noyce) and in schools serving low-income students (for TEACH grant).  If a student received support from both, then the intention to increase the number of certified teachers would fall short of what the separate programs might generate.  Moreover, an individual receiving scholarship or stipend support through the NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program may receive a maximum of the cost of attendance; therefore, if Noyce is providing for this, then with the addition of support from the TEACH Grant, Noyce recipients would then be receiving more than the cost of attendance.  In addition, as there is a service requirement associated with both the Noyce program and the TEACH Grant, it would not appear to be reasonable for the same person to receive both, as they could not meet their service requirement for each program concurrently. Finally, the length of the service requirement for the two programs differs, with Noyce providing a greater funding level for each year and expecting 2 years of service for each year of scholarship or stipend support (completed within 8 years from graduation date), while the TEACH grant requires 4 years of service (also within 8 years). These commitments are not able to be served concurrently.

 NSF Disclaimer

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