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Templates for Event Planning

Below are the templates we commonly use to plan our events.

  1. A Marketing and Promotions Plan should be used to strategize and plan out all of the marketing and promotions you will conduct leading up to your event. The document can also help guide you through what your goals, purpose and programming will be.
  2. Run of Show can be extremely helpful as a schedule. It can be sued prior to the event to get everyone on the same page for the flow of the event. It can also be used during the event to ensure you stay on track and leave enough time for all the scheduled activities.
  3. In order to have a great event, you need to be prepared with the right supplies. This Supplies Checklist will help you consider all of the supplies you should bring to your event.

Best Practices

AV Considerations and Hybrid Event Planning

Booking Event Space on Campus

AHEC Event Spaces

To book an AHEC space, you must contact the Auraria Campus Event Service team. You can book the following AHEC event venues:

  • Turnhalle (Tivoli 250)
  • Adirondacks (Tivoli 440/540)
  • Baerresen Ballroom (Tivoli 320 ABC)
  • Zenith (Tivoli 640)
  • Loraine Good (Tivoli 444)
  • Senate Chambers (Tivoli 329)
  • Tivoli Quad
  • 9th Street Historic
  • St. Cajetan’s

ACES event services include:

  • Event facility scheduling
  • Event coordination and planning
  • Audiovisual rental, set-up, and support
  • Management of student filming on campus
  • Coordination of event advertising on campus
  • Organization of information and fundraising tables

Please note the following for the King Center inquiries.

The Kenneth King Academic and Performing Arts Center is only available for summer season rentals mid-May through mid-August. Once the fall semester begins, the facility returns to its intended purpose of supporting the campus’ Performing Arts departments as instructional, lab, and performance space. To that end, performance and support facilities may not be scheduled by any other programs for use during the fall and spring academic semesters. This includes use by any other on-campus departments, student organizations, or off-campus commercial clients. If you identify a date during our rental season that works for your purposes, please reach out so we can further discuss the details.

Contact Adam Popovich to discuss your individual needs, or to obtain more information on policies and space availability.

MSU Denver Event Spaces

MSU Denver Facilities can book MSU Denver spaces, such as the Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building (AES) or Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB). You can request to book an MSU Denver space here, which includes:

JSSB Building:

  • Main Lobby (Capacity: 150)
  • Roadrunner Tour Room (Capacity: 25, after 5 p.m. usage only)
  • Student Lounge (Capacity: 35, after 5 p.m. usage only, student orgs are an exception)
  • Exterior Patio (VARIES)
  • Exterior Green (VARIES)
  • Mezzanine (Capacity: 50, availibility limited)
  • Classroom (Contact MSU Denver Facilities at 303-615-1699 or email [email protected])
    • SSB classroom 200, 202-215 (capacity:24)
  • Classroom Corridor (Information table usage only)

AES Building:

  • Forum (Capacity: 65, after hours usage only)
  • Gallery (Capacity: 24)
  • Exterior Plaza (VARIES)
  • Classrooms (Contact MSU Denver Facilities at 303-615-1699 or email [email protected])
    • AES 210 (Hybrid classroom computer lab and lecture)
    • AES 220 (Hybrid classroom computer lab and lecture)
    • AES 240
    • AES 285 (Hybrid classroom computer lab and lecture)
    • AES 295
  • Reading Room (Capacity: 25, after hours usage only)
  • Classrooms (Contact MSU Denver Facilities at 303-615-1699 or email [email protected])
    • AES 385


Please note, classrooms reservations are dependent on availability of classroom space and course schedules.

Protocols and Recommended Vendors