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Meet the Office of University Effectiveness ...continued

Early Bird | August 15 2018 | By Lindsey Coulter

CADRE - Poster of MSU Denver's Core ValuesThe bigger picture

Looking through the lens of CADRE, Harman notes that University Effectiveness embodies two particular values in unique ways.

“Our customer-service orientation and cross-functional approach focuses on community and diversity of community” she said. “In some cases, the data we pull also builds the University’s relationship with other important communities on and off campus. For instance, working together with ITS and MSU Denver’s veterans programs, we were able to strengthen relationships and increase service to veterans using data-informed analysis.”

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Harman believes University Effectiveness puts a new spin on the concept. “We’re intra-preneurial,” she said. “We’re nimble and creative in this toolbox of decision-making support and services offered from within the University.”

Do you have an idea of how these teams can help your department? Request services from the Office of University Effectiveness through its website.

Want to learn more about the University Effectiveness-facilitated Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis? Stay tuned for a closer look at this immersive multimedia theatre and decision-making venue in a future edition of the Early Bird.


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