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Meet the Office of University Effectiveness ...continued

Early Bird | August 15 2018 | By Lindsey Coulter

Process Transformation - Image of Tivoli building silhoutted by sunriseProcess Transformation

Process Transformation facilitates collaborative conversations to increase efficiency and maximize value. “It asks, ‘How do we do things as efficiently as possible in support of great student outcomes?’” Harman said. “If we have redundant, multilayered processes, we’re probably overconsuming resources like time, money and supplies that could better serve students in another way.”

Optimizing processes — and creating a culture in which faculty and staff feel empowered to make continuous improvement — requires input from many points of view, Harman said. Cross-functional conversations are key to process improvement.

“For example, a staff member requested Process Transformation to address unique and confusing aspects of master’s degree budgeting that set (the process) apart from undergraduate budgeting,” Harman said. “Collaborative work by budget and academic fiscal managers resulted in students and staff benefiting from the efficiency and reliability of a newly standardized portion of the master’s program budgeting process.”


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