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Meet the Office of University Effectiveness ...continued

Early Bird | August 15 2018 | By Lindsey Coulter

Business Intelligence - Image of blue lightsBusiness Intelligence

The Business Intelligence team focuses on answering client questions using operational and other data. Operational data are facts and figures that the university collects and uses for its own purposes, such as academic data and administrative data. Other data sources might include public databases or survey responses.

“From all across campus, staff and faculty have asked Business Intelligence to pull data seeking answers to many unique questions,” said Sarah Harman, executive director of University Effectiveness. “Even straightforward questions yield meaningful insight that can inform University decision-making.”

Some recent insights include the Fall 2017 Campus Climate Survey results, which showed that students of Hispanic or Latino origin feel more connected to Metropolitan State University of Denver than other demographic groups. And an English program student-retention inquiry showed that students who take and pass first-year English have higher retention rates than those who don’t.


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