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Meet the Office of University Effectiveness

Early Bird | August 15 2018 | By Lindsey Coulter

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MSU Denver’s professional decision-support teams want to make your job easier through the power of data.

Say your office or department has a problem it needs to solve. You might need a more streamlined, cost-efficient process for an existing task; or perhaps you need to develop a campuswide survey that nets high-quality insight; or maybe you need to verify publicly reported data about the University. In scenarios such as these, the Office of University Effectiveness can help.

The Office of University Effectiveness provides a set of services in helping faculty and staff make great organizational decisions at every level. With customer-driven business intelligence, process transformation and institutional research, every department, office, program or initiative on campus can benefit from understanding and partnering with University Effectiveness.

If you’re not sure where your question, idea or conundrum fits within the University Effectiveness service menu, start by learning the services.


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