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About the 2015 Undergraduate Outcomes Task Force (UOTF)

Over the last five years, the MSU Denver General Studies Task Force and the MSU Denver University Outcomes Work Group have been working to integrate the undergraduate curriculum by identifying a set of learning outcomes that will help guide all MSU Denver undergraduates to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century. The process of outcomes development has involved a broad University-wide discussion that has been collaborative and transparent. The next step in finalizing this important work was to create a Undergraduate Outcomes Task Force (UOTF) that will work in close consultation with the Office of the Provost to define undergraduate outcomes.

On August 6, 2015 Provost Golich charged the Undergraduate Outcomes Task Force (UOTF) with the task to prepare and develop a set of undergraduate learning outcomes that is integrally tied to our Mission Statement and recently refreshed Strategic Plan: A 2020 Vision and our General Studies Program. Specifically, the task force will continue this effort by reviewing, analyzing, and vetting information about learning outcomes at MSU Denver and to use these data to develop outcomes within the context of the current state of national trends in learning outcomes.

UOTF Transparency and Community Input

The UOTF strives to provide transparency through timely updates (including meeting minutes, timelines and findings) posted to the Undergraduate Outcomes website. To inform the outcome development effort, students, faculty, staff, alumni and community representatives were surveyed for feedback. Additionally, the UOTF has hosted five public meetings for input and feedback.

UOTF Membership

  • Professor Nels Grevstad, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Michael Erskine, Director, Educational Technology Center (Co-Chair)
  • Vicki Leal, Interim Director, Data Management
  • Michael Kolb, Director, Center for Faculty Excellence (Co-Chair)
  • Rhonda Eaker, Director, Applied Learning Center
  • Professor Jenn Capps, Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Professor Rey Hernandez, Economics
  • Linda Lang-Peralta, Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • Braelin Pantel, AVP Student Engagement and Wellness/Dean of Students
  • Brian Sevier, Associate Dean, School of Education


The UOTF welcomes your feedback. Please submit feedback using this feedback form.

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