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Workshops will be offered online this year.  


Undergraduate Research & Scholarship: Connecting Research to your Career

November 5th at 1pm

We will discuss research and creative scholarship, what these look like across disciplines, the benefits of getting involved, and how involvement can prepare you for your career. Please RSVP by clicking below. A link to the session will be emailed to you.

RSVP here

Previous Workshops

Previous workshop PowerPoints can be accessed by clicking below. 

What is Research? 

What is Research - PowerPoint

IRB Institutional Review Board and Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Please feel free to contact the IRB directly with any questions or concerns: Mike Heathcoat, 303-605-5282,  

Graduate School 

Grad School and Beyond - PowerPoint   

How to Write an Abstract

Abstract - PowerPoint

Poster Design

Coming Spring 2021.

What to Expect and Presentation Skills Help

Coming Spring 2021 

How to Frame UR on Your Resume

Coming end of Spring 2021 

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