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Important Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Students can presesnt in either an oral or poster presentation. 

  • Oral presentations are 12-15 minutes for the Undergraduate Research presentations and 5-7 minutes for showcase presentations.
  • Poster presentations will include an opportunity to for presenters to have live conversations with conference attendees.

* Please submit your abstract / project summary by March 29th, 2021.

* Submitting your abstract / project summary does not automatically register you for the conference. Please use the register button at the bottm of this page to register. 

*Visit our Tips & Resources page and our Workshops page to help you prepare your abstract, poster presentation or oral presnetation.

Absolutely! The intent to present form was to help us get a sense of interest in presenting to help us in our planning phase. To present you must submit an abstract (or project summary) by March 29th

Yes, all submissions that have a faculty mentor and that, if relevant, have received IRB approval from MSU Denver are accepted.  For more information on IRB, please visit

The abstract is a 350 word (or less) summary of your work that describes:

        a) the purpose of your work

        b) the central research question addressed

        c) a brief description of your methods

        d) the findings and implications of your work

If you are presenting on your internship, you should submit a short project summary that describes: 

        a) the work the agency is doing

        b) what you are doing in your internship


Absolutely.  Works resulting from collaborations are invited.  When a work has more than one author, the group will select one primary author for the conference and only that person will upload the abstract.  The authors that are not designated the primary author will still need to register individually for the conference.

Undergraduate Research & Creative Scholarship: Oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes with 3 additional minutes for questions.

Student Impact & Innovation Showcase: Oral presentations are limited to 7 minutes with 3 additional minutes for questions.

Powerpoint is encouraged for oral presentations.

The recommended dimension for a poster is a maximum of 3' x 4'.  

Presenters at the Undergraduate Research Conference are responsible for ensuring that they have followed appropriate procedures for human subjects research as outlined by the MSU Denver Human Subjects Protection Program.  The MSU Denver Institutional Review Board is the final authority on this issue, so please refer all questions to them.  For more information, please visit

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific presentation times.  To present at the conference, you must be able to present your work during any of the sessions.

Submitting an abstract for presentation is a professional commitment.  If you submit an abstract, you are agreeing to present it at the conference on that day.  If you are, for reasons beyond your control, unable to attend, you may submit a pre-recorded talk.  We will inform the session chair that you will not be able to attend the Q&A session.

No.  However, we understand that during the course of research individuals encounter unexpected outcomes and even some unexpected roadblocks that can impact the findings or the ability to completely address a research question.  If, after you have submitted your abstract, you find yourself in a situation where the actual findings of your inquiry lead you to be at odds with what you expected to find, don't worry -- just explain the changes to your audience.

Yes!  As a MSU Denver student, you are eligible to present at the MSU Denver Undergraduate Research Conference.  It does not matter that your research is done off-campus.

Yes, your supervisor can act as your faculty mentor or an MSU Denver faculty familiar with your work could serve as a faculty mentor as well.

Yes.  Alumni may present research they conducted as MSU Denver undergraduates.

Approximately two weeks prior to the conference you will receive an email that contains your presentation details and time.

The number of sessions depends on the number of registered presentations.  The conference schedule is published approximately two weeks prior to the conference.

Each student presenter will receive a certificate of participation.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at


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