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Council on Undergraduate Research

The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and its affiliated colleges, universities, and individuals share a focus on providing undergraduate research opportunities for faculty and students at all institutions serving undergraduate students. CUR believes that faculty members enhance their teaching and contribution to society by remaining active in research and by involving undergraduates in research, and students succeed in their studies and professional advancement through participation in undergraduate research. CUR’s leadership works with agencies and foundations to enhance research opportunities for faculty and students. CUR provides support for faculty, administrator, and student development.

CUR Mission Statement: “The mission of the Council on Undergraduate Research is to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship.” (from

Become a Member!

MSU Denver Students, Faculty and Staff can join the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) for FREE!

MSU Denver’s Provost’s Office has generously sponsored an “Enhanced Institutional Membership” to CUR. The Enhanced Institutional Membership allows any faculty member, student or staff member at MSU Denver to join CUR for free! Benefits of joining include:

  • CUR Undergraduate Researchers’ Grad School Registry --- “The purpose of this registry is to facilitate matchmaking between undergraduates with research experience and a desire to pursue an advanced degree, and graduate schools seeking high quality students who are well prepared for resear/) ch.” (from
  • Electronic copy of CUR Quarterly

Instructions for new members:

  • Please visit:
  • After you enter your name and title, please be sure to select the 'Name of your institution' from the drop down. It should alert you to the fact that your membership is covered, and then will prompt you to continue to add your contact information.

Once your membership is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and will be able to register for members only online access by visiting to have a copy of your login information sent.

Grant Opportunities!

Faculty are encouraged to attend the CUR Dialogues Conference to learn more about the numerous grants that are available. Three representatives from MSU Denver attended this year's conference. Please click here to learn about some of the grants and tips highlighted from the 2018 conference.

Additionally, CUR offers workshops on proposal writing. This institute will bring together faculty and administrators interested in preparing proposals for submission to external funding agencies. The four-day institute will consist of one-on-one work with a mentor, writing, small-group discussions, and critiquing of proposals. The institute has been developed to assist novice to experienced proposal writers in drafting complete proposals for submission. Prior to the institute, participants will be able to access information that will help them begin to draft their proposal. Click here to find out more.

Other Conference Opportunties!

Students and Faculty: The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Staff and Faculty: CUR Conference

This conference brings together faculty, administrators, policy makers, representatives of funding agencies and other stakeholders with an interest in doing and promoting undergraduate research. It features over 100 workshops, presentations by representatives of funding agencies, social interactions, and poster presentations.




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