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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the ULP program not accepting new scholars for fall 2020?
The ULP program is committed to supporting the current ULP scholars and ensuring they have resources and support during this unprecedented time.  We anticipate opening the program to new scholars for fall 2021.

What is the time commitment for the program?
In addition to the leadership course, students spend about 10 hours doing ULP out-of-class activities each month including meetings, field experiences, and service components.  

How long is the program?
We designed the program with some flexibility.  We ask first-semester students to commit to a 1 year experience, so Fall 2018 cohort participants are committing to Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.  From there, you can renew for any remaining undergraduate semesters at MSU Denver.

What are the academic requirements?
The program is open to all majors and minors at MSU Denver.  Each scholar takes a leadership course while enrolled in the program.  The first semester, it is LDR 1010—Leadership & Social Change.  This is a 3-credit course giving a foundation on contemporary leadership.  The second semester and beyond, students select another course from the pre-approved list of courses in the Leadership Studies Minor, but other courses may be requested and considered as well.  

I’m a transfer student.  How do you count my previous experience?
We love transfer students.  We will evaluate transfer credits and GPA in determining eligibility and requirements for participation in the program.  

I can’t fit the 1010 course into my schedule.  Is it offered at another time/Is it required?  
The 1010 course is only offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 pm.  If you can not take the course, you will need to wait until you can take that course another semester.  We are working to incorporate more sections in the future, but are limited to the one section at this point.    

What if I can’t fit the Friday meetings into my schedule?
First semester scholars must attend these meetings and programs.  If you can not make these meetings, you will need to wait to apply until you can fit these into your schedule.  

What makes this a unique leadership experience?
Students at MSU Denver can learn about leadership in a variety of settings at MSU Denver.  There is an academic minor in Leadership Studies, Conferences & Events, Outdoor Leadership Programs, and hands-on experiences as Student Employees or Student Organization leaders.  The Urban Leadership Program values Development, Social Responsibility, Inclusiveness, and Relevance.  We integrate a great deal of reflection, skill-building, and partner with the community and community organizations in unique ways to understand leadership within a greater context.      

What about the money?
Each scholar in the program is allocated a $500/semester scholarship for fall and spring terms ($1000 for the year).  In addition, scholars may apply for an additional $18,000 in scholarships from private donors.  While the money is a nice perk, please note the additional time commitments.  The extra committments aren’t necessary with other scholarships—which can be a better fit for really busy students who don’t have the time for the out of class components.  

What do scholars gain?
The program feedback is that our scholars gain and value most:

  • Connections with other MSU Denver students who want to make a difference.
  • Access to unique experiences in the community such as our Friday Field Experiences and numerous programs in partnership with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation and the Colorado Leadership Alliance.  
  • Access to self-assessments and relevant leadership tools.

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