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Experiential Components

Students in the Program commit to several experiential leadership components.  These programs are designed to complement what participants are learning in class work and in the community.   


Retreats & Conferences

Each Fall and Spring, scholars participate in a retreat to kick off the semester. These events help students get to know their peers in the program, set goals and expectations for the term, and connect with their peer mentors. Students also attend state-wide events sponsored by the Colorado Leadership Alliance a collaboration of 11 different leadership programs at other colleges and universities in Colorado.


Monthly Field Experiences

DIA trip

Scholars in the program visit organizations leading in Denver monthly.  Typical field experiences include a tour an overview of the oganzation and time with key leaders in the organization.  Often, the experiences align with a monthly leadership theme.  Scholars have ample time for question and answer with the leaders and reflect on the experience through online discussions.  


Service Learning: 

ServiceParticipants in the program commit to learning about leadership in Denver through service initiatives.  Students participate in short term programs designed to create awareness of the local non-profit organizations.  As scholars continue with the program, they work in collaboration with an organization on a leadership and service project.  



groupThe role of mentoring in leadership can provide a system of support and exploration. Participants are matched with a peer mentor, called a FrontRunner, in the program. Students meet with their FrontRunner monthly to get guidance on their leadership journey. Students are also matched with a mentor through the Colorado Leadership Alliance, in order to offer students the opportunity to form connections with professionals across the Denver area.

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