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SSS participants qualify for these proven services

Two Students StudyingAcademic Support and Guidance (currently online)

Students have the support of professional staff as they define their academic goals and engage in a program of study to graduate from MSU Denver.  We help students register for classes and understand academic requirements, policies and procedures.  We help students enhance their study skills and connect with other academic resources on campus.

Tutorial Assistance (currently online)

Our peer mentor/tutors are skilled, caring individuals who are eager to provide the academic assistance students need for success in the classroom. They provide individualized tutoring in select subjects, working closely with students to help them understand course content.  Students also have access to our resource library that houses a collection of study skill reference tools.


These are the subjects that Yoav Sterer (@Yoav Sterer) tutors:

College Algebra


English & writing

Cultural Anthropology

Psych Stats and research methods


These are the subjects that Luis Estrada (@Luis Estrada) tutors:

Math (up to Differential Equations [No Stats])

Electrical Engineering Courses


These are the subjects that Xenia (Xen) Klimenova (@Klimenova, Xenia) tutors:  

Math (up through Calc I)

Biology (I & II plus the labs)




General Chemistry (I & II plus the labs)

 You may reach all of us through Email or through Microsoft teams. This applies not only to tutoring needs – let us know if there’s anything we can help you with! We’re here to support you, especially now with everything that’s been going on.

Peer Mentoring (currently online)

Each student is paired with a peer mentor who can share his or her experience and help the student navigate his/her way through the college experience.  Peer mentors are available when you need help dealing with personal, family, or social matters.  Advocacy and referral services are provided if necessary.  Peer mentors maintain regular contact with students to provide a caring and consistent source of peer support.

Skill-Building Workshops (currently online)

Students can participate in a variety of workshops designed to help foster their academic, personal and professional success.

Graduate School and Career Preparation (currently online)

We provide one-on-one counseling in graduate school preparation. Students can receive guidance on how to decide if graduate school is right for them.  It's never too early to find the best program and school for you.  Student Support Services will help you learn what steps are involved in the application process and how to finance graduate school.  You also can receive assistance in preparing for entrance exams (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.) and writing a personal statement. In addition to individual counseling, workshops on graduate school preparation are offered each semester.  We also provide guidance in career exploration and assist students with career building skills such as résumé writing, interviewing skills, finding internships, conducting a job search and networking.

Financial Aid Application Assistance and Financial Literacy (currently online)

Students receive assistance with the FAFSA application, MSU Denver financial aid procedures, and scholarship opportunities. We will also assist students in exploring options to offset college expenses.  Advisors will also help students create a realistic budget to manage expenses throughout their college career.  Together with your advisor, you will develop financial literacy skills to last a lifetime.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Active participants will automatically be considered to receive scholarships designated for TRIO SSS through Metro Scholars First Generation Scholarship funds and/or Colorado Scholarship Coalition Scholarship funds.  Scholarships are awarded each fall and spring semester to students who have met program participation and other requirements.

Computer Lab (currently unavailable)

TRIO SSS houses a small computer lab with free but limited printing (25 pages a day). The SSS computer lab is located in SSB 240. 

Social and Cultural Events (currently online)

We provide social and cultural events to help students expand their college experience beyond the classroom and to foster an appreciation and awareness of diversity at MSU Denver and in the larger community.

Leadership Development (currently online)

Students are invited to participate in community service projects to develop their leadership skills. Students may also take part in our student club, Advocates of TRIO. Participation gives you a chance to network with your fellow SSS students and participate in fun activities.

Community Resources (currently online)

We can provide students with referrals and lists of community resources.

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