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TRIO SSS e-mails and weekly posts that highlight important information will arrive in your MSU Denver email.

 Workshops - You must sign into all workshops on the TRIO sign in sheet 


3-Job search meet up 10:00‐11:00 AD 270

4-Understanding Credit 2:00‐3:00 SSB 330A

5-Acing the Interview 3:00‐4:00 SSB 330A

9-Check‐in: Plan Your Semester 10:00‐11:00 SSB 330A

10-Job search meet up 10:00‐11:00 AD 270

Hot topics 12:30‐1:30    Tivoli multicultural lounge

11- Access Center Open House 12-1:30   Plaza 122 

12-TRIO crafting with Kyla 12:00‐2:00 TRIO Lab

16-Strong interest inventory 12:30‐1:30 AD 270

17-Study abroad fair 10:00‐11:00 Tivoli Turn Halle

18-Understanding Payday loans 3:00‐4:00 SSB 330C

23-Using Social media with your future in mind 2:00‐3:00 SSB 330C

24-Collectivist Leadership 11:00‐12:00 SSB 330C

Why should I get an internship 1:00‐2:00 SSB 330A

25-Understanding financial aid 10:00‐11:00 SSB 330A

26-Community Breakfast 9:00‐11:00 TRIO Office

Immigrant Resource Fair 1:00‐2:00 JSSB 237

  How many requirements have you completed? you can start fulfilling your requirements the first day of classes. 

 7 requirements are to be completed each semester; you are required to attend 1 workshop, 2 electives, and complete 1 money management session (in addition to your Advisor/PMT meetings)

TRIO Day at the State Capitol - holding proclamationstudents and staff at TRIO day holding proclamationStudents on steps in Capitol BuildingAdvocates of TRIO SSS - Student Club Events-TRIO Day at the Capitol  




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