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Summer Tutoring


These are the subjects that Yoav Sterer (@Yoav Sterer) tutors:

College Algebra


English & writing

Cultural Anthropology

Psych Stats and research methods


These are the subjects that Luis Estrada (@Luis Estrada) tutors:

Math (up to Differential Equations [No Stats])

Electrical Engineering Courses


These are the subjects that Xenia (Xen) Klimenova (@Klimenova, Xenia) tutors:  

Math (up through Calc I)

Biology (I & II plus the labs)




General Chemistry (I & II plus the labs)

 You may reach all of us through Email or through Microsoft teams. This applies not only to tutoring needs – let us know if there’s anything we can help you with! We’re here to support you, especially now with everything that’s been going on.


Each semester there are a few students chosen to represent the TRIO TRIUMPHANTS. This semester we would like to acknowledge:

Student in gown

Joretta Harrell-Hyatt

Major: Psychological Sciences Minor: Urban Agriculture
Been part of the TRIO family for 3 Years
Favorite Class: Multicultural Psychology
Dream Career: I’d love to combine my love of urban agriculture with Psychological Sciences. The two fields are very therapeutic, and I’d love to continue a career where it can benefit a community where nutrition and therapy are implemented. Denver Mental Health Center, Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being has an awesome practice that I’d love to check out. I’m interested in following up with either this program or a similar cite as a career goal.

Student in cap and gown

Daniel Peralta 

Major: International Business with a concentration in Economics How long have you been in TRIO? 6 years What is your favorite class? Economic History of the U.S. What is your dream career? To work for Google and try to learn as much as possible from it to start my own business in the near future.

We are recognizing Daniel for all the hard work he has put in to complete his degree. He has worked two jobs for much of the last two years and still managed to stay on top of his studies. During this time, Daniel has also been a great addition to our TRIO student staff. He is currently working towards finding an internship, so that he can be work ready once he graduates at the end of this semester. We are so excited to see what he will be off to!


Vanessa Atencio

Major: Psychology with a minor in Social Work. How long have you been in TRIO? 4 years, 2 at FRCC and 2 at MSU, and I didn’t even know it was an extension of TRIO till about 3 years ago but I was also a part of Talent Search in High School. What is your favorite class? My favorite class this semester has been my Privilege, Oppression, and Power Class. It has allowed me to face conversation and thoughts I don’t always want to and to recognize triggers and to move through them as to why they are triggers still doing a lot of work in this class but it’s much needed and honestly feel it should be apart of all degrees.  What is your dream career? My dream Career is to work for TRIO I want to be an advisor and one day direct the program (or build one). I want to do give back and help students navigate this system that is impossible if you don’t have at least one person in your corner the way I did. If it wasn’t for TRIO and the people I have in my Corner (ERIC & JOE(past advisor)) I wouldn’t still be pushing or having that person continuously reminding me I belong. I want to be that person for another student. Getting to watch the changes that happen with a student not just academically but mentally, emotionally, professionally, just the overall change that happens, I can’t wait to be a part of. I’m also very aware of my privilege as a white passing Latina and trust me I’m going to use that privilege to bring up my people and all POC! And when I’m no longer cool enough to work in higher Education because let’s be honest there's a time for everyone to leave at some point or another in the career, I want to work for hospice patients and their families which is why my undergrad degree was broad and my graduate degree has an emphasis on counseling but adds to Higher Education and Student Affairs.

We are so excited to recognize Vanessa for all the hard work she had done and for being so involved on campus. It has been an honor to watch her grow and we are so proud of all that she has accomplished!

Josue Barrancas

Major: Restaurant Management with a minor in Water Studies. How long have you been in TRIO? 3 years. What is your favorite class? Microeconomics because I didn't learn about budgeting or anything to do with personal finances in high school and I think most people need this knowledge to navigate adult life. What is your dream career? My dream career would be a food blogger. It would be nice to get paid to travel and critique food. I'll keep on dreaming though!

We are recognizing Josue for not only for excelling academically, but also for being a great role model for other students. He is always eager to lend a hand to any students needing tutoring or to lend an ear to anyone who needs a friend. He is very passionate about his interests and we are so excited to see him continue to grow after graduation!

UPDATES for TRIO SSS participants (as of March 16, 2020):

All tutoring will now be through Microsoft Teams. You can access Teams when you sign into your MSU Denver email, just click on the on the apps menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You can also download the Teams App and use it on your phone.

All TRIO advising and peer mentor tutor appointments will now be done over the phone or through Teams.

You can complete your elective requirement through our online workshops on Canvas. Your financial literacy requirement can be completed through CashCourse. We will update you on how to complete your in-person requirement and your Career Services requirement once we get more information on what campus life will be like in the coming weeks. We will make sure to allow plenty of time and flexibility for requirement completion so that you can receive the TRIO Scholarship for the fall 2020 semester.

In-person workshops have been canceled until further notice.


How many requirements have you completed? You can start fulfilling your requirements the first day of classes. 

 7 requirements are to be completed each semester

For MSU Denver Covid 19 updates visit:


TRIO SSS FAQs ((Frequently Asked questions)

What should I know when I’m late to meet my advisor?
- If you are 15 minutes late to your advising appointment, the advisor reserves
the right to cancel the appointment.
- If you feel that you might be late
Email your advisor or call the front desk at 303-615-0022

What could happen if I miss my appointments frequently?
- If you miss 3 or more meetings with your TRIO advisor without previous
notification, you will no longer be able to schedule appointments.
You will only be able to be seen on a walk-in basis. Appeals may be
made in person with the TRIO SSS Director.





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