Level I Overview

Participants gain strategies for using primary sources to help students engage in learning, develop critical thinking skills and build content knowledge.


 Participants will:Level 1

  • Justify conclusions about whether a source is primary or secondary depending upon the time or topic under study.
  • Describe examples of the benefits of teaching with primary sources.
  • Analyze a primary source using Library of Congress tools.
  • Access teaching tools and primary sources from loc.gov/teachers.
  • Identify key considerations for selecting primary sources for instructional use (for example, student needs and interests, teaching goals, etc.).
  • Access primary sources and teaching resources from loc.gov for instructional use.
  • Analyze a set of related primary sources in order to identify multiple perspectives.
  • Facilitate a primary source analysis using Library of Congress tools.
  • Demonstrate how primary sources can support at least one teaching strategy (for example, literacy, inquiry-based learning, historical thinking, etc.).
  • Create a primary source-based activity that helps students engage in learning, develop critical thinking skills and construct knowledge.


Upon completion of Level I, you earn:Thumbs Up

  • Up to $150 in credits for acquiring classroom-ready primary source material.
  • A USB flash drive with Library of Congress and TPS-MSU Denver materials for use in the classroom.
  • A Level I certificate of completion.
  • Optional graduate credit – additional work required.
  • Access to the private TPS Teachers Network

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