Though we have been distant, we have remained connected. We have been separate and, yet, we are learning together in this shared experience. Now, as we look towards the future, your creativity, compassion, and dedication will help illuminate the path for generations of young people.

Our theme for Teacher Librarian Day(s) (TLD) 2021 is New Directions, meant to honor the herculean efforts of teachers throughout the 2020 pandemic, highlight the importance of purposeful pedagogy, and reflect on not only 2020, but also on our overall place in history.

TLD 2021, hosted by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Western Region, will be held online and the schedule will be sprinkled throughout the week of Feb. 22nd to 26th, 2021.

The week will include a mix of live speakers in the evening and on-demand materials focusing on using primary sources in the classroom.

*Keynote speakers will not be recorded.


  • Ebony Flowers | Cartoonist
  • Jesse Stommel | Author, Speaker, and Teacher
  • Rich Cairn | Director, Emerging America
  • Sam Wineburg | Margaret Jacks Professor of Education and History
  • Tanaya Winder | Educator, Artist, and Public Speaker

Who should attend: K-16 teachers, preservice educators, librarians, and others in the educational field.



TLD Archive

Access all of the resources and videos from past TLD events below

Teacher Librarian Day

TLD ConferenceThis highly anticipated cornerstone event is held early each year. Typically, the Teacher Librarian Day (TLD) conference hosts 200 educators at the History Colorado Center. The day consists of a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a varying range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder - and to provoke conversations that matter. To make the event easier to attend, Teaching with Primary Sources-MSU Denver pays for up to 100 attendee substitutes.

This year's theme was Voices. From our students to our mentors, the everlasting voices throughout each of our lives give us reason for empathyperspective, and rational understanding of the world around us. Recognizing every voice and developing these skills in our students through primary sources as windows of the past help our communities to become more civically mindedthoughtful, and curious

The morning of TLD offered inspiring short TED-style talks focusing on innovative ways to use primary sources in the K-16 classroom. In addition, the afternoon of TLD featured hour-long breakout sessions from a number of our speakers as well as educational partners in Colorado.

TLD 2014

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To watch a specific talk, watch the video on our YouTube Page and check the video description for markers allowing you to jump to any talk.  

TLD 2014 Schedule (PDF 1.8MB)

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