Funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at MSU Denver promotes the use of primary sources in instruction by offering FREE professional development opportunities for K-12 educators (in-service and pre-service) across the state.

Program Goals

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  • Provide online and in-person primary source-based professional development programs nationwide.
  • Increase the ability of educators to design student-centered primary source-based learning experiences that use best instructional practices.
  • Implement standards-based learning experiences that improve student ability to critically examine primary sources.
  • Build patronage of the Library’s digital resources that expands the community of educators dedicated to the improvement of education through the use of primary sources.

Program Strategy

  • Offer professional development (in-services, traditional and online workshops and special events).Strategy Icon
  • Collaborate with educators to offer strategies and support to effectively integrate primary sources, inquiry-based learning, and 21st century learning skills into the classroom setting while meeting district and state standards in multiple content areas.
  • Create a network of TPS educators to serve as mentors, ambassadors and trainers to further the integration of primary source-based instruction.‌

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