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Symposium Tracks and Suggested Topics


Student Engagement

  • Levels of engagement and impact on outcomes and satisfaction 

  • Strategies for increasing and retaining student engagement 

  • Implementing Active-learning strategies 

  • Creating learning communities  

  • Questioning and feedback techniques for asynchronous discussions 

  • Best practices for facilitating synchronous learning activities

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

  • Overcoming barriers and building partnerships 

  • Student learning outcomes vs. competencies 

  • Active-learning and student-centered design 

  • Assessment strategies and competency alignment  

  • Evaluating and tracking mastery 

  • Redefining teaching and learning roles

Learning Spaces

  • Adoption and implementation of learning spaces technology 

  • Current and cutting edge technologies 

  • Optimizing and standardizing educational technology 

  • Rethinking physical space design to affect learning

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Inter-institutional collaboration through OER  

  • Design, delivery, and use of OER for efficiencies  

  • Open education innovations and technologies 

  • Impact of OER on student success 

  • Implementation of successful OER practices

Learner Analytics

  • Continuous data-driven course improvement 

  • Strategies for intelligent learning intervention 

  • Real-time tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Data-driven insights on student engagement 

  • Improve program effectiveness 

Course Quality

  • Approach, workflow and strategy to course design and development 

  • Implementing the Quality Matters framework 

  • Impact of course quality on student outcomes  

  • Best practices for achieving quality in CBE

  • Evaluating quality of OER

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