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Café Pédagogique


Join us! October 7, 2016 | 5:00 – 6:30pm (after TLTS)

Tivoli Taproom, Auraria Campus | Hosted by: Michael Caulfield & Michael Kolb

What is Café Pédagogique?


Tivoli TaphouseCafé Pédagogique is a stimulating discussion about teaching and learning with technology in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment complemented by food and beverages. The Café was invented by Helen Macfarlane for the COLTT conference in 2008 and has been held each year since. It is based on the internationally known Café Scientifique that is similarly relaxed and participatory.

During the Café, people come together in a round-table style setting to hear and discuss views on interesting or controversial educational topics led by someone who is passionate about it. The topic leaders get 5 minutes to talk about the subject to be discussed before there are 25 minutes of questions and answers, and general discussion. The Café is intended to be highly interactive and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.


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