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Symposium Tracks

Course Quality Track

Track Chairs: Michael Erskine, MSU Denver; Karen Kaemmerling, Colorado Mountain College

Suggested topics:

  • Working with Quality Matters

  • Developing quality courses

  • Improving quality through peer-review


Multimedia for Learning Track

Track Chairs: Diane Watkins, MSU Denver; Scott Houck, MSU Denver

Suggested topics:

  • Designing multimedia for teaching and learning

  • Integrating multimedia in the curriculum

  • Responding to student inquiry using audio or video


Best Practices for Learning Track

Track Chair: Paul Novak, University of Denver; Manisha Pinge, MSU Denver

Suggested topics:

  • Improving course usability on mobile devices

  • Universal design

  • Best practices in course design for mobile technologies


Blended Learning Track

Track Chair: Jeff Loats, MSU Denver

Suggested topics:

  • Best practices for quality in blended teaching and learning

  • Use of open educational resources in blended teaching and learning

  • Strategies to motivate and engage students in blended courses and programs


Social Learning Track

Track Chairs: Ted Penberthy, Association for Talent Development; Taylor Kendal, Teaching with Primary Sources/Library of Congress

Suggested topics:

  • Fostering community among students in courses and programs

  • Ensuring student privacy when using social media in the classroom

  • Measuring student engagement through social media

  • Personal Learning Networks

  • LinkedIn: From College to Career

  • Project Collaboration


Teaching Online Track

Track Chairs: Alex McDaniel, MSU Denver; Kathy Keairns, University of Denver

Suggested topics:

  • Maximum efficiency through course templates

  • Tips for facilitating meaningful online discussions

  • Student perspectives of online learning

  • Best practices for teaching online

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