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Social Learning Abstracts

Title: Social Learning: A Connected Conversation in the 21st Century

Presenters: Edward Burton, CU Boulder; Todd Wolfe, History Colorado; David Lyons, UC Denver; Michelle Pearson, Adams 12 School District; Chris Jennings, MSU Denver

Moderators: Taylor Kendal, TPS Colorado; Ted Penberthy, ATD

Abstract: In a recent study of over 450 accredited 4-year universities, 100% reported use of some form of social media.  Our cultures, communities, and institutions are becoming more connected and leveraging new technologies that are redefining how we socialize. Whether it's creative civic service through sociological inquiry, personal branding, or reimagining communication in education, learning is no longer static and personal.  This conversation will examine the latest strategies and inherent challenges in meeting the demands of the dynamic evolving social landscape of education.

Session Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Title: Undergraduate Research Service Learning through Sociological Inquiry

Presenters: Linda Mariposa Marangia, MSU Denver

Abstract: This presentation provides an overview of three research, service learning projects. These projects demonstrate a linkage between disciplinary content and methods of research for serving some civic need. Students partner with representatives of public agencies or organization to collect information and insight into questions. Research reports, including recommendations are delivered to stakeholders.

Session Time: 10:15am - 11:15am

Title: Personal Branding: Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Presenter: Edward R Burton, University of Colorado Boulder

Abstract: Creating a personal brand to promote your work is vital to maintaining presence and authority in a digital age. Come learn how to create a personal brand using a website, social media, and some imagination. With minimal cost, and a few hours time, anyone can use technology to promote their digital presence. Attendees will leave knowing how to get started on promoting their brand to the world.

Session Time: 2:00pm - 2:25pm

Title: College Newbies: What Toolkits Do Your Students Bring From the K-12 Schools?

Presenter: Laura Israelsen, Adams 12 School District, 2010 Librarian of the year; Michelle Pearson, Adams 12 School District, 2011 Teacher of the Year

Abstract: Join two really geeky teachers in exploring the type of learning environments your students are coming from. What do they study, how are they learning, and what do you do with them next? Those are just a few questions we will be addressing in this interactive session. Explore how innovative k-12 educators are taking learning to the next level from kindergarten forward. We will share tech tools teachers are using now, give examples of two BYOD (Bring your own device) case studies in public schools, and discuss how teachers and university staff can connect to ensure a smooth transition from K-12 to higher education. Come join in the discussion!

Session Time: 2:35pm - 3:00pm

Title: Social Media Networks: The Scary, The Awesome, and The Scary Awesome

Presenters: David Lyons, MSU Denver

Abstract: A look at the social networks you know, might know, and should know, and how you can use them to enhance learning.

Session Time: 3:15pm - 3:40pm

Title: Social Media Comparisons: USA and China

Presenter: Christopher Jennings, MSU Denver

Abstract: For every social media platform in the USA, China has a duplicate. Facebook is replaced with RenRen. Wordpress is replaced with QQ. While WeChat combines Facebook with text messaging and Twitter. The demographics of users in China are similar to the USA while the Chinese make up 25% of all Social Network users in the world. Yet the way Social Networking is used in both countries is different in some ways and very similar in others. This presentation compares and contrasts the social networks used in both countries and discusses some emerging theories to consider regarding to use of these networks.

Session Time: 3:50pm - 4:15pm

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