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Multimedia Track Abstracts

Title: 1,000 Words are Worth a Picture: Infographics to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Presenters: Normandy Roden, University of Colorado System; Travis Chillemi, University of Colorado System

Abstract: It has long been said that “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” The reasoning behind this lies (literally) in the human brain, which is designed to process visual cues more rapidly than text. By the same logic, one could also say that “1,000 words are worth a picture.” That is, when a large amount of text is required to convey information, it may be better to present that information using more visually friendly displays. Information graphics – “infographics” – clarify complex information and highlight trends, patterns, and connections. Infographics are particularly valuable to communication activities like teaching and learning because they offer a methodology to enhance engagement, increase understanding, and promote retention. The presenters will review infographics to communicate concepts, procedures, historical overviews, survey results, social media impressions, and frequently asked questions. They will discuss practical applications of specific data visualizations and offer design tips to optimize infographic effectiveness. The session encourages audience interaction/questions to ensure concrete takeaways. In fact, participants will contribute to creating an infographic useful to all – and will be able to access and modify that shared infographic to suit their department-specific needs.

Session Time: 9:00am - 10:00am

Title: Student Perceptions of using VoiceThread in an Online Course

Presenters: Nicole Ellison, Regis University; Cheryl Kruschke, Regis University

Abstract: This research project ascertained student perceptions of using VoiceThread in an online course. VoiceThread is a cloud application that allows the faculty to maintain presence by combining multimedia into a presentation. Students participate by listening and then adding their own voice, video or text comments. Despite this technology being asynchronous VoiceThread takes participation and discussion to a whole new level, strengthening the online learning experience for the student. The ability to hear each other’s comments excited the online students because it made them feel like they were connected on a deeper level.

Session Time: 10:15am - 11:15am

Presentation Materials: Effective Multimedia for Teaching

Title: What are we looking at and thinking?

Presenter: Christopher Jennings, MSU Denver

Abstract: Usability Testing (UX or UI Design included) allows a team developing a product to incorporate User-Centered Design. Eye tracking and brain wave technology has provided new data for researching UX/UI testing and design. These technologies provide students with another path of discovery when learning about UX/UI design or testing. These technologies provide the faculty member with important classroom tools to support the subject of design, but also for research purposes. This presentation will illustrate the use of these tools in both regards - in the classroom and for research purposes.

Session Time: 2:00pm - 2:25pm

Title: Instructional Video: Design tips to increase teaching effectiveness

Presenter: Alex Martinez, University of Denver

Abstract: Video continues to be a popular teaching method but what makes an instructional video effective? We will cover the research on designing effective instructional videos so that you know what to do next time. The session will present several important design strategies when producing instructional video. We will also examine a few video software editing tricks.

Session Time: 2:35pm - 3:00pm

Title: Curation Tools for Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Nicole Ellison, Regis University

Abstract: Curation is the act of finding, grouping, organizing and sharing relevant content on a specific topic/issue. This presentation will examine examples of different curation tools and share ideas for incorporating the act of curation for both teaching and learning!

Session Time: 3:15pm - 3:40pm

Title: Building Online Communities: Communication and Conversation Using Blackboard Collaborate

Presenter: Rebecca Cottrell, MSU Denver

Abstract: Enhancing communication, encouraging conversation, and building communities are problems faced by many instructors want to improve student engagement in online classes. In most cases, written discussion boards don’t fully address these problems. Blackboard Collaborate is a tool available through Blackboard Learn that supports synchronous conversation among students in a way that instructors can evaluate. Blackboard Collaborate has provided a space for weekly synchronous conversation among small groups of MSU Denver Spanish students. These automatic recordings are saved, and can be viewed later by the instructor and then graded based on a conversation rubric. The primary goals of these meetings are not to complete every assignment given, but to build relationships among students and to provide a low-risk environment to practice skills taught in the class. Students are able to use this tool to form learning communities by conversing, recording video, typing in a chat box, sharing screens and webpages, and collaborating on a whiteboard with or without the instructor present.

Session Time: 3:50pm - 4:15pm

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