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Event Schedule

8am - 9am Registration Student Success Building Lobby
8am - 9am Breakfast  Student Success Building 2nd Floor Atrium 
9am - 10am Concurrent Sessions 1 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
 10:15am - 11:15am  Concurrent Sessions 2 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
11:30am - 12:30pm Keynote St. Cajetan's Center
12:45pm - 1:45pm Lunch Student Success Building 2nd Floor Atrium
2pm - 2:25pm Concurrent Sessions 3 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
2:35pm - 3:00pm Concurrent Sessions 4 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
3:15pm - 3:40pm Concurrent Sessions 5 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
3:50pm - 4:15pm Concurrent Sessions 6 Student Success Building 2nd Floor
4:30pm - 5:30pm  Café Pédagogique  
Hospitality Learning Center


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Track Key


Track Abstracts


Course Quality
Student Success Building
Room 201
Course Quality Abstracts




Multimedia for Learning
Student Success Building
Room 202
Multimedia for Learning Abstracts




Best Practices 
Student Success Building
Room 203
Best Practices Abstracts




Blended Learning
Student Success Building
Room 204
Blended Learning Abstracts




Social Learning
Student Success Building
Room 205
Social Learning Abstracts




Teaching Online
Student Success Building
Room 206
Teaching Online Abstracts


Detailed Event Schedule

Concurrent Session 1


A Conversation About the State of Quality in Online Education

Presenters: Sharon Stevens, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Carol Parenteau, University of the Rockies; Roberta Calderaro, Community College of Denver; Kim Hosler, University of Denver; Ann Diker, MSU Denver ● Moderators: Karen Kaemmerling, Colorado Mountain College; Michael Erskine, MSU Denver


1,000 Words are Worth a Picture: Infographics to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Presenters: Normandy Roden, University of Colorado System; Travis Chillemi, University of Colorado System


Multimodal Composition, Online Peer-to-Peer Consulting, and Designing Digital Storytelling Assignments

Presenters: Alaina Feltenberger Beaver, University of Colorado Boulder; Allison Carr Waechter, University of Colorado Boulder


Integrating Online Discussion: Designing, Fostering, and Assessing Instructional Conversations

Presenters: Deborah Horan, MSU Denver; Todd Reimer, MSU Denver; Philip Bernhardt, MSU Denver; Kathleen Luttenegger, MSU Denver


Social Learning: A Connected Conversation in the 21st Century

Presenters: Edward Burton, CU Boulder; Todd Wolfe, History Colorado; David Lyons, CU Denver; Michelle Pearson, Adams 12 School District; Chris Jennings, MSU Denver ● Moderators: Taylor Kendal, TPS Colorado; Ted Penberthy, ATD


Running an Online Program: A Peek into Implementation Issues

Presenters: Brent Wilson, University of Colorado Denver; Len Scrogan, e-Learning Consultant; Jenna VanBerschot, CSU Global; Aysenur Ozyer, University of Colorado Denver



Concurrent Session 2


The Integration of Quality Matters – It All Began with Collaboration with Faculty

Presenters: Sharon Stevens, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Jacqueline Crouch, University of Colorado Colorado Springs


Student Perceptions of using VoiceThread in an Online Course

Presenters: Nicole Ellison, Regis University; Cheryl Kruschke, Regis University


Accessibility Equals Inclusive Excellence!

Presenter: Melanie Morel, MSU Denver


Intentional Blending: Developing a Blended Learning Course

Presenter: Barbara Barclay, MSU Denver; Elizabeth Mendez- Shannon MSU Denver


Undergraduate Research & Service Learning through Sociological Inquiry

Presenter: Linda Mariposa Marangia, MSU Denver


This Class Can Never Be Taught Online! Or Can It?

Presenter: Jackson Lamb, MSU Denver



Concurrent Session 3


Maximizing the Online Environment in Africana Studies

Presenter: Jacquelyn Benton, MSU Denver


What Are We Looking At and Thinking?

Presenter: Christopher Jennings, MSU Denver


Why Open Educational Resources Should Be Integral to Course Development Strategy

Presenter: Geoffrey Rubinstein, University of Colorado Boulder


Blended Learning: Facilitating Change in Engineering Technology

Presenter: Brenda M. Perea Colorado Community College System, Peter Lindstrom Colorado Community College System


Personal Branding: Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Presenter: Edward R Burton, University of Colorado Boulder


What Have You Done for Me Lately? Student Expectations of Online Courses

Presenter: Liz Gallegos, MSU Denver



Concurrent Session 4


Is Your Faculty Training OSM?

Presenters: Michael Edwards, CU Online; Crystal Gasell, CU Online; David Lyons, CU Denver


Instructional Video: Design Tips to Increase Teaching Effectiveness

Presenter: Alex Martinez, University of Denver


E-textbooks in Online Education: A Quantitative Study on Student Engagement and Achievement

Presenters: Mingzhen Bao, Ashford University; Jeral Kirwan, Ashford University; Sanaa Riaz, Ashford University


Just in Time Teaching - A 21st Century Teaching Technique

Presenter: Jeff Loats, MSU Denver


Social Media Networks: The Scary, The Awesome, and The Scary Awesome

Presenter: David Lyons, CU Denver


Effectively Using Student Groups in Online Classes

Presenter: Raj Khandekar, MSU Denver



Concurrent Session 5


Multiple Online Quiz Attempts - Do They Help Student Performance?

Presenter: Ann Diker, MSU Denver


Curation Tools for Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Nicole Ellison, Regis University


Studying Video Games as Ideological Texts

Presenter: Sherry Jones, Community College of Denver


Flipping an Introductory Computer Programming Classroom – An Experiment in Progress

Presenter: David Kramer, MSU Denver


College Newbies: What Toolkits Do Your Students Bring From the K-12 Schools?

Presenters: Laura Israelsen, Adams 12 School District, 2010 Librarian of the year; Michelle Pearson, Adams 12 School District, 2011 Teacher of the Year


First You’re Engaged, and Soon You're Not: Technology to Teach Human Trafficking

Presenter: Annjanette Alejano-Steele, MSU Denver



Concurrent Session 6


Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness in an Online Classroom Using Textbook Companion Site

Presenter: Ting Jiang, MSU Denver


Building Online Communities: Communication and Conversation Using Blackboard Collaborate

Presenter: Rebecca Cottrell, MSU Denver


Digital Pedagogies: The What, Why, When and How of Selecting the Right Technology

Presenters: Maria Akrabova, MSU Denver; Maria Rey Lopez, MSU Denver


Boosting Aptitude in Mathematics 2.0

Presenter: Duane Bird Bear, MSU Denver; Markus Pettersson, NTI


Social Media Comparisons: USA and China

Presenter: Christopher Jennings, MSU Denver


20 Things You Should be Doing in your Online Course

Presenter: Crystal Gasell, CU Online; Michael Edwards, CU Online; David Lyons, CU Denver



Vendor Track

Student Success Building 2nd Floor
Room 207

Cisco: Using Real Time Video Solutions in the Classroom - An Example Teaching Session

Session Time:  9:00am - 10:00am

Presenter: Lance Ford

Blackboard: Using Collaborative Tools to Enhance the Online Teaching and Learning Experience

Session Time:  10:15am - 11:15am

Presenter: Jorge Salinas


Session Time:  2:00pm - 2:25pm

Presenter: Steve Foster


Session Time:  2:35pm - 3:00pm

Presenters: Darrin P. Kimsey, Scott McAloon


Session Time:  3:15pm - 3:40pm

Presenter: Wade Howard

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