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Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MSU Denver Educational Technology Center at (303) 556-3600.

Symposium Planning Committee

Michael Erskine, MSU Denver

Karen Kaemmerling, Colorado Mountain College/eLCC Co-Director

Kathy Keairns, University of Denver, eLCC

Taylor Kendal, Teaching with Primary Sources/Library of Congress

James Lyall, MSU Denver

Alex McDaniel, MSU Denver

Paul Novak, University of Denver/eLCC Co-Director

Ted Penberthy, Association for Talent Development

Maggie Schaeffer, MSU Denver

Diane Watkins, MSU Denver


Symposium Staff and Volunteers

Misha Fustos, MSU Denver, Website and Communications

Ryan Jones, MSU Denver, Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Nick Webb, MSU Denver, Volunteer Co-Coordinator

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