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Check-in: (9:30-10:00)




Challenge: (10:00-11:00)

In the Challenge hour, you’ll participate in a “fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity.”


Chit-Chat: (11:00-12:00)


In the Chit-Chat hour, you’ll learn what Pecha Kucha is (and how to pronounce it), then view a medley of encore presentations from the 2011 eLCC and Front Range faculty development conferences.  These encores are too fast paced for questions and comments now but save them up for afternoon roundtable discussions.

Collaboration I: (12:15-1:30)


In our first collaboration, you’ll get to chew on the morning events during lunch, then compare your distance education model with those of our panelists-who represent K-12 public and private schools.  Over dessert, ask questions and make comments.

Collaboration II: (1:45-3:00)


In our second collaboration, you’ll journey to your choice of Roundtable discussions facilitated by the Pecha Kucha presenters.  In the roundtables, you can learn more about the topics, contribute your own expertise, ask questions, debate, and dream.


Round one (1:45-2:05)

Round two (2:10-2:30)

Round three (2:35-2:55)

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