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Collaboration I - Luncheon Panelists


Judith Stokes, Assistant Superintendent, Branson District RE-82
Erin Henschel, High School Social Studies Teacher, Branson School Online
Melissa Brown, Denver Academic Director, GOAL Academy
Arlene Salyards, Director of Technology, Northeast Colorado BOCES
Katie Eck, Online Professional Development Specialist, Jefferson County School District
Cathy Starkebaum, Med Prep, and the Anatomy and Physiology Teacher, Haxtun School Districts (WAVES)

Chit-Chat/Pecha Kucha Presentations



Topic   Presenters
  Presentation Description
rand presentation

Patrica Rand


Aims Community College

Photo of Patricia Rand
This presentation will teach the audience how to transform a so-so lecture into a powerful presentation using the Pecha Kucha techique as well as sound advice from experts in the field of cognitive learning and multi-media design. 
Mobie apps

Storm Gloor

University of Colorado Denver 

Photo of Stormgloor As so-called smart phones become more ubiquitous among both students and educators, perhaps it’s only natural that apps have been created to enhance and manage the education process.  We’ll cover examples of such applications, as well as tips to keep up to date on the latest developments in the field.

Glenn Rohlfing

Pikes Peak Community College

Photo of glenn
Another tool in Differentiated Instruction, mind mapping offers students a forum to engage content and ideas in a non-linear format. Mind mapping programs allow the creator and the student to import varied forms of media to make the experience more interactive, and to allow students to collaborate. Mind mapping is a visual thinking tool that provides a graphical means to visualize ideas.
Kaemerling presentation

Karen Kaemerling




Photo of Karen K

Plagiarism is a prevalent problem in education.  By inspiring students to write original work with carefully authentic assignments and by designing a course with plagiarism prevention in mind, the occurrence of plagiarism can be dramatically reduced.  Additionally, new plagiarism detection tools integrated into learning management systems can not only be used as a deterrent but also as a teaching tool.

Kate Haggerty and Kae Novak


Front Range Community College

Photo of leedale


Photo of Novak

Want a convenient way for your students to pull up info on their smart phones? Use a QR (Quick Response) code or matrix bar to hard link from physical world objects to web pages in the phone's browser.  Education - anytime, anywhere just got easier.
Hubbell Presentation

Nicole Hubbell


University of Denver

Nichole Hubbel Digital storytelling is the craft of creating a 2-3 minute video that is grounded in a first-person narrative and uses multiple media elements.  Workshops are intense, collaborative, and rewarding.  Learn how digital storytelling can be used to aide in reflection and provide narrative closure after a significant event or experience. 

QM peer review


David Kendrick


University of Northern Colorado

photo of david k
The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CETL) at the University of Northern Colorado supports and promotes faculty teaching, research, and models of best practices in traditional and online learning. After growing the quantity of web-enhanced and online courses, it sought a means by which to measure and support quality in the online environment through the adoption of Quality Matters (QM) standards and principles in an effective and effective manner. The CETL teamed with faculty from the School of Nursing to conduct research in effective preparation methods to adopt QM and implement in multiple departments.

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