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Theatre Department Mission, Vision, & Values

Everybody Counts! Everybody Contributes! Everybody Cares!

Theatre Department Mission 

The MSU Denver Theatre Department provides educational opportunities for a diverse urban population by offering a full range of introductory, advanced, and collaborative teacher/learner centered curricula.  The Theatre Department continues to develop and to offer opportunities for students by offering a BA in Theatre, a BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Music Theatre, a BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Applied Theatre Technology and Design, and a Theatre Minor. Our curricula provide theoretical foundations and practical applications to prepare students for graduate school, employment, and personal and aesthetic development, all grounded in a strong liberal arts tradition.

The MSU Denver Theatre Department also serves the University, campus, and greater community by providing courses, performance opportunities, applied technology opportunities, academic and professional collaborations, and cultural enrichment. 

The MSU Denver Theatre Department achieves this mission through the faculty’s dedication to excellence in instruction, both classroom and technologically mediated; implementation of the creative process; professional renewal; and participation in a variety of initiatives with public schools, businesses, health care agencies, non-profit organizations, and the National Association of Schools of Theatre accrediting agency.

  The Theatre curricular program interfaces with: 

  • curricular programs of two other departments (Music and Human Performance and Sport) in order to utilize University resources efficiently and support theatre study;
  • the co-curricular production program;
  • clubs and associations;
  • the Student Affairs Board (which allocates student fees);
  • University Communications;
  • the MSU Denver Foundation;
  • other University organizational units as opportunities arise in order to efficiently employ University resources efficiently and support theatre study; and,
  • internships with professional off-campus organizations;
  • Community partnerships, such as that with Kaiser Permanente.

Our Vision

For every student to gain skills in the discpline of theatre while developing life-long friendships.

Engage in a career where thay can continue to grow and share their passion for theatre.

Impact our world with their passion for live theatre.


Our Values: TO EQUIP

Ensemble - We are ensemble-based where Everybody Counts! Everybody Contributes! Everybody Cares!

Quality - We craft qualtiy curriculum and co-curricular activities to support our classroom environment.  Our production values are top notch!

Uniqueness - We believe in training every student at their level to help them to their next level.  We may not be there when you finally bloom - but we will certainly give you the skills that will lead to a fruitful and content career in theatre.

Inclusiveness - We embrase all people from all walks of live with differing views, ideas, races, beliefs, and values.  Everyone gets to play!

People - Our faculty are trained, educated, and experienced professionals in their field.  Most have one foot in our educational world while keeping active involvement in professional local, regional, and national theatres.



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