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How to 'online' your course and assist your students

Faculty if you purchased a semester long parking pass,

Here is the link and information that was shared with us. 

Students/faculty/staff who purchased an AHEC parking pass for the spring semester can request a prorated refund.
Go To: and follow the instructions. Fill out the form and email it in.
DEADLINE for requests is APRIL 16 2020.


Dear staff and faculty,

I’m writing with an important update on Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Auraria Campus’ operations. In order to protect our Roadrunner community and impede the spread of COVID-19, we will be drastically minimizing the number of personnel on campus as soon as possible, but no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17.

As noted in previous communications, beginning today all teaching and learning for the rest of the semester will happen online. Faculty please help clarify your intentions with students.  

For staff, we are implementing a remote-work policy with the goal to get the maximum number of people off campus while still supporting operations. This means that all staff should speak with their supervisors to determine how they can transition their work online.

Support services for students and building closures
All of MSU Denver’s student success and enrollment services will continue to function but will do so remotely.

The  Health Center at Auraria will remain open until further notice and can provide limited COVID-19 testing. Please call the Health Center first at 303-615-9999 prior to directly walking in. This enables the staff to get ready for your visit and ensures that the appropriate screening questions can be asked over the phone.   

Since this morning, we’ve had several more updates on building closures on the Auraria Campus.

The Tivoli Student Union

  • Note that the Tivoli computer lab will be open and staffed until 7 p.m. on Tuesday and closed after that.

The Auraria Library will physically close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, but continue to offer services remotely.

The Early Learning Center will close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday until further notice.

Managing stress and anxiety
We understand that the constant stream of information about COVID-19 and ongoing changes to campus operations may cause stress and anxiety. During challenging times, please know that the following resources are available to you and your students:

  • You can talk to a medical professional or counselor at the Health Center at Auraria. Simply call 303-615-9999 and indicate that you would like to schedule a “Coronavirus Consultation.” There will be no charge for this visit.
  • MSU Denver’s  Counseling Center will begin offering virtual counseling opportunities for students this week. Please call 303-615-9988 to request or reschedule a counseling appointment. If you have an urgent crisis, please call 303-615-9911.

Thank you to our staff and faculty for their ongoing understanding and flexibility as we face this unprecedented situation together. Now more than ever, we need to be good to ourselves, our families and each other. Please continue to keep an eye on the MSU Denver COVID-19 website for updated information.


Janine Davidson, Ph.D.


Facts to get classes to ONLINE from the Provost:




Get READY to go ONLINE: Click for online tutorial and steps to prepare your class

Steps to get "READY"


IN-PERSON TRAINING (every hour on the hour) 9:00-3:00pm in CN 103.



  • Proctor U - Use “proctor U” instead of sending students to the testing center.  There is a fee to students to use the resource


ONLINE TECH SUPPORT provided by Center for Teaching, Learning, and Design

Online: Online Tech Support

Phone: 303-615-0800

ITS Support Availability

Due to building closures and an emphasis on maintaining sound social distancing practices, ITS is temporarily suspending walk-in services at both campus locations. All clients requiring assistance should contact the ITS Helpdesk at 303-352-7548 or submit a request via The Helpdesk phone line is available 24x7, and the support portal linked above is accessible via VPN.

In cases where in person support is required, technicians will coordinate with the impacted client on an as-needed basis.


Password Management

In an effort to minimize disruptions to remote workers, ITS has temporarily paused password expiration for all account holders. All clients should maintain sound password habits, including use of complex passwords, not sharing credentials, and leveraging multi-factor authentication.


Campus Computer Lab Closure

With most buildings closed and shared computing resources being a risk to spread infection, we will unfortunately be closing all campus computer labs for the duration of the health crisis. We are actively working to provide mechanisms for off-campus access to key academic software titles; if you have any questions on this topic please contact the ITS Helpdesk via the above information.


Use of Personal Devices

To clarify any confusion regarding the use of personal devices, we recognize that some clients will choose to use personal tablets or computers to perform work tasks, including accessing email, accessing Blackboard Learn, or basic word processing/document editing. However, Personally Identifiable Information, FERPA-protected information, or critical business data should not be stored in personal devices; personal devices cannot be granted VPN access.

If a client needs to access advanced Banner functions such as AppXtender, please direct them to the Helpdesk for further guidance.



Faculty must fill out the request paperwork with the requested software for a student in need. 



"Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Comcast is offering 2 months free to new Internet Essentials customers in response to recent and anticipated emergency measures associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)."

To access this opportunity the student needs to either access

Offer ends April 30, 2020. Restrictions apply. Limited to Internet Essentials service from Xfinity for new residential customers meeting certain eligibility criteria. Offer limited to 2 months of complimentary Internet Essentials service (taxes excluded). After promotion, regular rates apply. Comcast current rate is $9.95/mo.



The library on campus will be open M-F 10am-4pm. They will evaluate after that. Currently they will be able to check things out and provide computer, printing, internet access for students.

There have also been a lot of requests for our 3-D and other specialized printing services, and they are most likely going to have to limit those. Any feedback and guidance you can provide in this regard would be much appreciated



We can purchase materials such as ebooks and streaming videos. To recommend a purchase, fill out this form and we'll try and get it for you if possible: Additionally, you may choose to look for alternatives already existing in the Library’s collection, especially for videos, since so many are not obtainable in streaming.

We can help you and your students with research questions via chat, email, and Zoom. Our chat services are available 24/7. More information about these services is here: We also have Research Guides ( which provide a lot of guidance on a variety of topics. Please note, we will NOT be meeting in person for research help.

Most of our resources are available online, this includes journals, articles, databases, books, and streaming videos. Use the Start My Research search on Auraria Library’s homepage ( to discover these resources. Problems with off-campus access? See this page:

Our instruction services ( and research workshops ( are also available online. Schedule a class session and we will use Zoom to help your students with finding articles, evaluating sources, poster design, data management, EndNote, and more. 


MSU Denver Admin Updates
  • All international travel is suspended
  • All study abroad programs are on hold. Students are given the choice to remain in the country where they are - or return home (mandatory quarantine following)
  • Domestic travel is allowed. Best judgement should be utilized when traveling.
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