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Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre with a concentration in Applied Theatre Technology and Design (BFA/ATTD) 
Advising Sheet: BFA in Theatre (Applied Theatre Technology and Design Concentration)

4-Year Sample Curriculum Plan: BFA ATTD Curriculum Plan

NOTE:  Admittance to the BFA/ATTD program requires an 1)application and 2) interview.  Applications are due by the last Friday before Finals Week each semester. Contact Brian Kelley at for more information.

  • The BFA in Applied Theatre Technology and Design is for students who seek work in technical areas in the arts and entertainment industry. Some students go on for post- graduate studies or into associated disciplines.
  • BFA/ATTD majors graduate with a portfolio (depending upon their particular interests, such as stage management, technical direction, lighting, or costuming) designed to assist the student with seeking employment.
  • The primary focus of the program is the development of skills related to applied technologies while offering opportunities to work with professionals to learn the dynamics of designing sets, costumes, lights, properties, and makeup.  Majors are required to participate in two productions each year either onstage, backstage, or helping in either the scene or costume shop.

 General Expectations for BFA/ATTD

  • Embrace and promote our ‘Ensemble Value’ where Everybody Counts! Everybody Contributes! And Everybody Cares!
  • Attend every MSU Denver production.
  • Participate in two (2) mainstage productions every academic year.
  • Attend mandatory training sessions (Fridays from 2pm-4pm).
  • Be a BFA in Theatre for at least two full years (four semesters not including summers).
  • Fulfill the requirements of the BFA/ATTD Handbook upon entry into the program.
  • Maintain a C- average in all theatre and all associated program classes (including music and dance). Maintain a 2.0 GPA in the major.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA average overall as MSU Denver’s graduation requirement.
  • Complete 120 total hours (including 40 upper-division hours and completion of all general studies requirements).
  • Students admitted to the BFA/ATTD are not required to complete a minor and should work in at least two discipline areas.



  • ALL TRANSFER STUDENTS are required to fulfill two (2) years (four semesters not including summers) in either BFA programs after acceptance.
  • All applicants should be able to demonstrate some level of competency, experience and/or educational training in technical theatre prior to acceptance into the program.
  • Interview with the Theatre Department 

Contact:  Brian Kelley at


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