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Department of Theatre and Dance Mission and Goals

We are an Ensemble-Based program where "Everybody Counts! Everybody Contributes! and Everybody Cares!"

The MSU Denver Department of Theatre and Dance - Theatre provides educational opportunities for a diverse urban population by offering a full range of introductory, advanced, and collaborative teacher/learner centered curricula.  The Theatre Department continues to develop and to offer opportunities for students by offering a BA in Theatre, a BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Music Theatre, a BFA in Theatre with a Concentration in Applied Theatre Technology and Design, and a Theatre Minor. Our curricula provide theoretical foundations and practical applications to prepare students for graduate school, employment, and personal and aesthetic development, all grounded in a strong liberal arts tradition.

The MSU Denver Department of Theatre and Dance - Theatre also serves the University, campus, and greater community by providing courses, performance opportunities, applied technology opportunities, academic and professional collaborations, and cultural enrichment. 

The MSU Denver Department of Theatre and Dance - Theatre achieves this mission through the faculty‚Äôs dedication to excellence in instruction, both classroom and technologically mediated; implementation of the creative process; professional renewal; and participation in a variety of initiatives with public schools, businesses, health care agencies, non-profit organizations, and the National Association of Schools of Theatre accrediting agency.


Goals for the Future of the Department

To increase student participation through the creation of a "THAD Student Council" with several subcommittees: Programming and Events, Student Health and Well-Being, and student Recruitment and Retention. 

To evaluate and modify current Theatre and Dance curriculum to ensure a balance of resources, materials, textbooks, and play selection that is intentionally inclusive of BIPOC Students, Authors, Choreographers and Playwrights. To work towards the decolonization of our curriculum content to be more reflective and inclusive of the current culture, climate, and demographics of our student body.

As a Hispanic Serving Institution, we will actively promote university-wide and inter-disciplinary relationships with the Latinx communities through our course offerings, auditions, productions, clubs, and events. 

To foster a climate of diversity, inclusion and respect for all BIPOC students in our classrooms, events, performances, productions, and work environments.

To intentionally seek an increase of BIPOC representation and student participation in the hiring processes of future faculty, staff, and guest artist positions.

To require substantive and on-going training for faculty, staff, and students in Title IX, Diversity and Inclusion and Safe Workplace and Classroom Environments.

To ensure that every classroom and departmental workplace environment is free from discrimination, harassment, microaggressions, and aggressive behaviors.

To improve communication between students, faculty, and staff that will foster a climate of openness and transparency in addressing areas in need of improvement and in developing strategies for positive and lasting change. 


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