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Kaiser Permanente/MSU Denver Internship Partnership

Kaiser Internships: 

Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Resources

Metropolitan State University of Denver Theatre Department


Educational Theatre Internship: Fall 2021 / Spring 2022

Theme: “Advancing Racial Equity through the Arts”


Project Description:

  • Students will work with theatre professionals from Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Resources and other artists from the Denver community in developing and presenting an arts-based presentation for elementary aged students.
  • The presentation will focus on individuals in the Colorado community that are committed to advancing racial equity, social justice and are making an impact on the social drivers of health. Social drivers include:
    • Economic Stability, Neighborhood & Physical Environment, Education, Food, Community & Social Context and Healthcare.
  • MSUD students will conduct interviews, capture stories, write, and co-create a production to be toured and/or presented in Spring 2022.
  • Students with experience or interest in video production, interviewing, writing, and performance are encouraged to apply.


Logistic Details:

  • Individuals selected will receive a $3500 stipend from Fall 2021- Spring 2022 distributed monthly.
  • Individuals must leave Tuesdays and Thursdays open in their schedule for the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2021 academic semesters and MUST commit to the entire internship. 
  • Enroll and remain active in THE 3980 in order to receive monetary compensation.
  • Students must be declared as a theatre major or minor through Metro State University’s Theatre Department.
  • Auditions will be Friday, March 19th. Students can sign up for a 20-minute audition time here:  Auditions will be held on MSU Denver Campus in the Music Dance Studio.
  • Prepare a contemporary monologue appropriate for all audiences. Monologue must be under 2 minutes.
  • Write a non-fiction story/essay as to why racial equity is important to them. You are encouraged to use your artistry and creativity in the writing.  The writing must be at least 250 words and no more than 400 words.  Please bring the writing with you to the audition. 


Audition Details:





Under the guidance of Brian Harper (Sr. Community Health Specialist and Coordinator of the Arts Integrated Resources division of Kaiser Permanente) a new show will be created for the 2020-2021 season.  For more information about Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Resouces (AIR) program, contact Brian Harper at

For More information about the Kaiser Permanente/MSU Denver Partnership please contact Jacob Welch at, Interim Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance.


Since 2008, MSU Denver’s Theatre Department and Kaiser Permanente Arts Integrated Resources (AIR) division have shared a collaborative, ensemble-based partnership that allows experienced students the opportunity to tour a ‘theatre for social change’ play, earn a stipend and internship credits, as well as enhance their professional resumes. 

Since 2008, this partnership has:

  • Reached audiences over 150,000 children, adults and teachers at 320 regional and local schools in 32 different Colorado school districts.

The 2018-2019 Tour:

  • Presented “Invisible Feelings” 36 times for K-1st grade audiences,
  • Presented “When You’re Seeing Stars” 45 times for 2nd–5th grade audiences, and
  • Presented 81 shows reaching 15,834 children and adults locally and regionally in the state of Colorado.

General Information about the Kaiser Permanente/MSU Denver Tour show:

  • REHEARSALS: Rehearsals in early August M-F prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
  • PERFORMANCES: Performances are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the academic year (fall and spring).
  • WHO CAN AUDITION: MSU Denver Theatre Majors or Minors (juniors or seniors) qualify to audition and be considered for casting.
  • Each student receives three (3) credit hours of THE3980 Professional Internship each semester and are paid a $1750 stipend each semester.
    • NOTE: Internship credits are required for all BFA/ATTD and BFA/MT majors.  Internships for BA in Theatre are nor required but fulfill upper-division elective credits.



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