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HESI Testing


MSU Denver’s Office of Testing Services offers the Elsevier HESI A2 Nursing exam only for MSU Denver Nursing applicants. MSU Denver requires students to complete the Elsevier HESI A2 exam as part of the Nursing program application process. Students need only complete the Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Anatomy & Physiology sub-sections of the Elsevier HESI A2 exam.

Setting a HESI exam appointment with MSU Denver Testing Services:

HESI exam scheduling for Spring 2021 start will open on January 6, 2020. The final day to test will be August 31, 2020.

Set an exam appointment at least one week in advance by contacting the MSU Denver Testing Services office at 303-615-1700. Ask to speak with a HESI scheduler. If a scheduler is not available please leave a name, ID# and phone number; a scheduler will call you back within two business days.

Students must have an Evolve account prior to reporting for their HESI appointment at the Testing Services office. Note that MSU Denver students do not need to purchase an exam directly from HESI; students may pay the $75.00 exam fee at the time of the exam. See this link to create your HESI account:

What to expect when reporting for a HESI exam at Testing Services:

  • Students must present a valid photo ID such as a driver's license, military ID or passport (a physical ID, not a photo of an ID)
  • Exam timing is set at two hours and thirty minutes total, expect a total of around two hours forty-five minutes including exam check-in and set-up.
  • Students must bring their Evolve user name and password (confirm your HESI account set up prior to reporting for your exam appointment). Note that your Evolve user name is not the same as the email address associated with your account; on the HESI log in page see the "Account/Account Settings" link to locate your user name.
  • An exam fee of $75.00 is payable at the time of the test (cash or credit card).
  • MSU Denver applicants will complete the HESI A2 Reading, Math and Anatomy & Physiology exam sections (2.5 hours TOTAL time).
  • Students will receive a score report upon completion of the exam. It is each student's responsibility to upload thier HESI score to their Nursing application. 

HESI re-tests:

MSU Denver Nursing applicants may re-test on HESI exams one time. Students must schedule re-tests at least one week in advance. When scheduling students must specify they seek a HESI re-test.


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