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Accuplacer Score Transfers

How to transfer an Accuplacer score from another testing center


MSU Denver students may transfer Accuplacer test scores taken at other University, College, or High School test centers. This page is only for transfer of Accuplacer scores, questions regarding any other test score or course credit should be sent to the office of Admissions or Transfer Services.

  • The Accuplacer Score Transfer form, available below, must accompany all score transfers.
  • Scores must be sent by a testing center representative, students may not send scores themselves.
  • Accuplacer transfers count as one of a limited number of attempts.
  • Accuplacer scores are valid for five years.
  • Accuplacer score transfers may only be used for the first two test attempts; additional retests must be completed at the MSU Denver Testing Center.
  • MSU Denver does not recommend transferring Accuplacer scores below college level; please contact Testing Services if you have questions.

Should I transfer an old Accuplacer?

Contact the MSU Denver testing center if you have questions.

Accuplacer Score Transfer Form (.pdf)

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