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Placement Tests

MSU Denver uses various placement tests for placement into general studies Math and English courses. Students who have taken the ACT or SAT and have sub scores at or above the following are exempt from the respective assessments:

ACT English 18
ACT Math 19

SAT 470 Evidence-based reading / writing (test administered March 2016 or later)
SAT 500 Mathematics (test administered March 2016 or later)

SAT 430 Critical Reading / Verbal (test administered before March 2016)
SAT 460 Mathematics (test administered before March 2016)

Test scores are valid until the end of the calendar year five years from the date of the test administration. For example, students may enroll in a course in Fall 2017 based on a placement test score administered in Spring 2012, but the same score would not be valid for enrollment in a Spring 2018 course.

Not sure what Math class you need for your Major?

Follow this link to see a list of Math courses required for different majors on the Math Department website: click here.

Exemptions for Transfer Credit from other schools

Students with transfer credit from other institutions may be exempt from one or more of the Accuplacer placement tests. Please consult with the Office of Transfer Services or the Academic Advising Center for evaluation of transfer credit.

No appointment necessary

For assessment testing you do not need an appointment. Students may take the assessments during our normal office hours 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Test takers must present a valid photo ID at the time of testing.

Limited evening and weekend hours are available by appointment only; please contact Testing Services in advance to schedule an appointment.

Allocate enough time

The assessments are not timed and take approximately 30 minutes each. Please plan on 2 hours for all three assessments.

Retesting and test fees

There is no charge for the first or second attempt at an Accuplacer exam. Additional attempts at Accuplacer Testing require a fee, completion of an online diagnostic test, and attendance at a study/preparation session. Students may test up to five times in 12 months.

Click HERE to read more about third time testing policies.

Official Accuplacer Study Guide:

Click HERE to download the free Accuplacer study guide.

PDF of the MSU Denver Cut Score Matrix: Cut Score Matrix - Summer 2019


For Advisor Use Only: Set a Placement Testing Appointment.

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