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Placement Tests

Placement Testing Updates During Campus Closure:

Students normally complete their first year assessment tests on campus in Tivoli Room 347, but under the current conditions no face-to-face testing services are available until further notice. Students do have an option to complete placement tests using a virtual proctoring service. Access to this service requires a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. Please read below for additional details.

New students who are unsure which placement tests are necessary may consult with advising services via email at: Please use your email address for all correspondences.

Do I need to take a Math placement test?

MSU Denver uses SAT or ACT math sub-scores or Accuplacer Math Placement tests for registering in first year Math courses. Students with ACT or SAT scores that are too low to place in a course should take an Accuplacer Math placement test. The two available tests are called the Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions exam (AAF) and the Quantitative Analysis and Statistics exam (QAS). The links below will help you determine which tests, if any, are needed for your major.

Math placement tests vary by course, and course requirements vary by major. If you are undecided about a major at this time you may consider waiting to take a Math placement test, or you may simply complete both available Math placement tests to determine eligibility regardless of the major you choose.

MSU Denver "Cut Score Matrix" showing math placement exams required for different courses: Placement Scores Chart

Frequently Asked Questions about Math courses: FAQ

Math course requirements by major: Math Courses by Major

Accuplacer placement test scores required for each Math course: Score Requirements

How to find your ACT or SAT scores in the Student Hub: Find your scores

See available study resources for Accuplacer Math placement tests: Study Resources for Math Placement tests

Still not sure? Use your mailbox to contact an advisor with questions:

Testing at home for Math placement:

Testing Services is offering Math virtual proctoring placement tests (take at home) via the link below.

Accuplacer Math placement tests are available to be taken at home using a high-speed internet connection and a webcam. Test administrations must be monitored using a webcam by a remote proctoring service. 

To request a remote test please use this link: Request Math Distance Test

Do I need to take a placement test for First Year Writing?

Students with SAT or ACT scores over State of Colorado requirements may enroll directly into English 1010. The required SAT Writing sub-score is 470 or higher. The required ACT English sub-score is 18 or higher. See the links below for instructions on how to find your ACT or SAT scores in the student hub.

Students with ACT or SAT sub-scores below these numbers should complete the First Year Writing assessment, known as the “FYW.” All MSU Denver students that complete the First Year Writing assessment will place into a college level Freshmen Composition course.

Testing at home for English placement:

The MSU Denver Department of English will allow students to complete the First Year Writing Assessment at home during the current campus closure.

To request the First Year Writing Assessment please fill out the form available at this link: Request First Year Writing Placement



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