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D.C.E. Service

Departmental Credit Exams

Departmental Credit Exam Proctoring Service

The Departmental Credit Exam (D.C.E.) service provides academic departments with a proctoring service for students taking department-created exams to be used for academic credit. There is no charge to departments or students for this service.

Students must consult with the academic department and complete any pre-requisite steps including payment prior to department approval for exam proctoring. Once all steps are complete and the department sends the exam and proctoring instructions to Testing Services students may call Testing Services to set an exam appointment for DCE proctoring. Exams may be paper/pencil or administered online via BlackBoard.

For more information on Credit by Exam see this link:

Follow this link to see the department cover sheet for a DCE exam administration: DCE Proctoring Form.

Steps for Departments and Students:

  1. The academic department must approve the exam for credit for each student. Departments and students must complete any necessary pre-approval steps before the department forwards the exam and proctoring instructions to testing services.
  2. Following department approval of the DCE students must contact Testing Services (303-615-1700) to schedule an exam appointment. Testing Services only schedules appointments for exams already on file from the department. All students must present a valid photo ID at the time of testing.
  3. Testing Services will deliver the completed exam to the department (please provide a location and contact name on the form).
  4. All exam materials (note sheets, scratch paper, etc.) used during the exam must be turned-in to the proctor upon completion of the exam. Testing Services does not proctor exams for open book, open note, or open internet exams.


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