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Move (between desks or offices)


Add (​a new employee's extension or phone)


Change (a current configuration on your existing extension)


Delete (a former employee's extension or phone)


Report (a problem with your extension or phone)


Move (between ​desks or offices)​​

ITS has deployed phones to locations identified by each department​. An advantage of our VoIP system is that it allows your extension to work on any University-provided phone. This means that if you move to a different desk location, you can leave the phyisical phone at the original l​ocation and​ utilize the phone that already exists in your new location. If a phone doesn't exist at the new location, use the link to the 'Report (a problem with my extension or phone)' form or contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Simply follow the steps below to sign out of your old phone before you leave and sign in to your new phone when you arrive at your new location.​​

  1. S​ign out of your old phone:
    • ​Press the Home button to go to the main screen. You should see your name listed next to line.
    • Press the More softkey (one of the four buttons under the display) twice to reach the desired screen.
    • Select the Sign Out softkey.
    • You will be prompted to confirm this action, after which you will be signed out of the phone.
  2. Relocate to your new location.
  3. Sign in to the phone at your new location: 
    • ​Select the Sign In softkey (the first of the four buttons under the display).
    • You will be prompted to “Enter your extension or phone number”.
    • Enter your 5 digit extension 5XXXX (extracted from 3036X5XXXX.)
    • Press the Next softkey.
    • You will be prompted to “Enter your PIN for 5XXXX”. Your PIN number may be found on the Polycomm VVX 411 Phone Quick Reference Guide that you previously received.
    • Enter your PIN number.
    • Press the Sign In softkey.
    • A message will display stating “Signing into Skype for Business this may take several minutes …”
    • ​After the sign in process is complete you will see your name listed on the top of the display. This will appear next to the first line button. You are now signed into the physical phone.

This completes a move from desk to desk.

Note: If you have departmental requirements check the [Departmental Phone] section of the website.

Add (a new employee's extension or phone)

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Change (a current configuration on your existing extension)

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Delete (a former employee's extension or phone)

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Report (a problem with your extension or phone)

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