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Wireless & Internet Access

To provide easy access to the various services and systems provided by the University, ITS supports two wireless networks and a comprehensive LAN computing environment. Supports Student and Academic Success and University Resources.

Click the links below for information about the services related to wireless and Internet access that ITS offers.

Appropriate Use & Security Policies

Review the policies for using MSU Denver’s technological resources.


Learn about firewalls and how to use them to protect your devices.

Internet 2

Learn about Internet 2 and MSU Denver’s involvement with Internet 2.

Network Jacks

Request the installation or activation of network jacks.

Security Management & Incident Response

Find out how ITS protects the University's critical data, information systems, and networks.

Remote Access (GlobalProtect)

Use GlobalProtect to access to University resources from off campus.

Wireless (WiFi) Access

Find out how to access the MSU Denver wireless networks.


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