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Security & Data Protection

ITS considers the protection of University information as a critical priority. To safeguard the MSU Denver community from security threats, ITS has implemented a comprehensive information security program that includes a robust security infrastructure as well as training and support services to equip students, faculty and staff with the knowledge and tools they need to help create a secure environment. Click the links below for information about the various security-related services offered by ITS.

Accounts & Identity Management

Learn how your MSU Denver account credentials are managed.

Anti-Virus Software

Find out about the importance of using anti-virus software.

Appropriate Use & Security Policies

Review the policies for using MSU Denver’s technological resources.

Backups & Data Retention

Learn how to backup and recover the information stored on your computer.

Data Sharing

Learn how you can safely share data with other people.


Learn about firewalls and how to use them to protect your devices.

RAVE Alerts

Sign up to receive notifications about Auraria campus emergencies or closures.

Security Awareness & Alerts

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and what to do if you think your MSU Denver account has been compromised.  

Security Management & Incident Response

Find out how ITS protects the University's critical data, information systems, and networks.

Remote Access (GlobalProtect)

Use GlobalProtect to access to University resources from off campus.


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