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Blackboard Learn is a learning management system faculty can use to deliver course content to their students. This content can include syllabi, lectures, assignments, and exams.

1) Go to the MSU Denver Student Hub.

2) Click the Blackboard Learn link.

3) Log in using your MSU Denver NetID and password.

4) You can find a list of your courses under the My Courses section, usually in the middle of the page. Click the name of the course you want to access.

If you ever want to return to the Blackboard home page and the My Courses list, you can click My Institution in the navigation bar at the top.

For all courses, the course menu is on the left side of the screen. All major features of the course will be accessible from this menu. Individual Blackboard courses may have different menu items or have them in a different order, depending how the instructor has set up the course.

The course menu can be expanded or hidden as desired by hovering your mouse over the right edge of the menu and clicking the grey bar that appears. If you do not see the menu, hover your mouse over the left edge of the page to make the grey bar appear, then click on it to expand the menu once more.

The Dashboard is sometimes called the Homepage. It provides an area where you may get a quick view of what is going on in the course.

The Dashboard will have a "To Do" section that will show you upcoming due dates as well as a quick view of any new announcements that have been made in the class.

Please note, while the Dashboard tools can be helpful, they will only show you assignments and due dates that have been set within Blackboard. Please review your course syllabus and other materials closely to ensure you do not miss anything.

The Announcements section is where your Instructor may post messages to the class. Please check the Announcements section regularly for new important updates.

One of the first sections of the course you will want to access is the Syllabus and Course Info section. Visit and read the material in this area to better understand the course structure and expectations. In some courses, all course content will be placed in this section.

While some courses may consolidate all content into the Syllabus and Course Info section, many will have other sections to organize the course content.

If you are unsure of the expectations for your specific course, or confused about where to find course material, please explore the different items in the course menu. You will also want to read the syllabus, any announcements, and reach out to your instructor if you have any questions.

A course may have Discussions set up for assignments or collaboration of ideas. When you access the Discussion Board from the course main menu, you will see all of the different Forums that are open for you to view or participate in. Some courses may include a link to the Discussion Board in other content areas of the course, as well.

To participate in a Discussion Board, click the title of the Forum that you would like to work in.

Once in the desired Forum, you can read threads posted by others by clicking on the Thread titles. To write your own Thread, choose Create Thread in the upper-left section of the Forum.

When you click on the title of an Assignment, you will be able to see its Due Date and Points Possible.

Some courses may require you to upload materials for an assignment. Under the Assignment Submission section, you can choose to Attach a file to upload into Blackboard or Write a submission directly into Blackboard.

  • Please Note: Make sure you read any specific instructions for each assignment. There may be restrictions on the type of submission, including file types that your Instructor is expecting. Most of the time you will be expected to attach a document. If you do use the Write a Submission option, you may want to make a copy of what you write for your records.

To attach a file, choose Browse your Computer, find the file on your computer and choose Open. After the Assignment has been successfully attached, it will be listed in the Attached Files section.

Click Submit to complete the submission. Remember, your submission is not complete until you click Submit. Closing the page after uploading the file will not submit the assignment or save your work.

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