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Student Technology Fee


Thank You Image for the Tech Fee Approval

We would like to thank the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) community for approving the Student Technology Fee (STF) that was on the Student Government Assembly's 2019 election ballot. This fee will be used to fund ongoing operations of student-facing technology resources and future-facing solutions that support the academic missions of MSU Denver.


Today’s student population has largely come of age as “digital natives”, immersed in a time when the world’s information is available at the touch of a button (or increasingly, a simple voice command) and consumer technology moves forward rapidly, with devices getting smaller, sleeker, lighter and faster at predictable intervals. By contrast, much of the technology that the average student encounters when visiting the MSU Denver campus feels dated at best, and inoperable at worst. While technology advances, state funding for Colorado higher education institutions has eroded, meaning that financial support for ongoing technology upgrades has been uneven. Adding a technology fee will align MSU Denver with comparable Colorado colleges and universities, all of which presently assess technology fees.

The STF introduces a reliable funding model for ongoing expenses that support and enhance the instructional technologies in classrooms and laboratory spaces, expand online technology offerings and help fund ongoing student related technology needs. The STF provides a projected incremental gross revenue of $3.4 million (based on credit hour production of 425,000 hours per year) to sustainably support student technology at MSU Denver. The STF represents a sizable source of operational funding for ITS, addressing technology categories with the following estimated breakdown:

Pie chart breaking down the proposed utilization of Student Technology Fee funds

MSU Denver students expect modern technology to be available to support their academic experience and prepare them for future success in the workplace. Providing access to emerging, rapidly-changing technologies requires strategic planning and consistent financial support. The STF enables maintenance of a modern student-facing technology environment and will permit exploration of innovative technology platforms in the future.


Help and Support

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