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Technology Services Updating FootPrints Ticketing System 

July 9, 2013   

On July 12 the MSU Denver Help Desk will be updating the FootPrints Ticketing environment which will improve Technology Services' ability to track tickets and improve response times to customer requests.  There are no major projected customer impacts from this change, though customers that submit their own tickets will see a small change in navigation. Campus personnel that submit tickets in Footprints will be able to continue submitting tickets from the new Footprints web interface, once the upgrade is complete. Requests submitted online at the Help Desk Support Site will not be affected.

Jordan announces IT reorganization

July 1, 2013

President Stephen Jordan today announced that James Lyall, chief information officer/associate vice president for academic and student affairs, will head the newly named Technology Services department, which will be housed under the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

“A unified Technology Services team will benefit the University greatly,” says Golich. “It sets the stage for us to plan comprehensively based on the needs of all University units and then provide the requisite services to each unit.”

Jordan announces IT reorganization 

Wireless Networks @ MSU Denver

May 29, 2013

As a MSU Denver student, faculty, or staff, you have the choice between MetroState or Auraria Campus wireless network.

What are the differences between Auraria Wireless and MetroState?

Campus Wireless Options Who/What Can Use:Security MSU Denver Software Access
Auraria Campus Anyone/Any Device Not Encrypted*  Outlook Web Access
MSU Denver Faculty, staff, Students/Any Device Encrypted  Outlook 


The MetroState wireless network requires authentication using an Admin or Academia username and password.  Once authenticated, you can use applications such as Outlook. If you wish to connect to email on your phone, mobile devices, or tablets, you will need to connect to MetroState wireless. You do not need to install any software on your device to access this network.

The Auraria Campus network serves all three institutions and is maintained by AHEC, CCD, UCD, and MSU Denver. It does not require a login to access the Internet. The Auraria Campus network does not authenticate individual users and therefore Internet connectivity is limited to basic webpages. Applications such as Microsoft Outlook, email clients on mobile devices or tablets will have limited functionality on Auraria Campus.

Certain areas of the campus may also see a Test_MSUDenverSecure wireless network. This test network is in the development phase, and only available to pilot programs.

More information on Networking and our Wireless Network can be found on the MSU Denver Technology Services Website or you can contact the Help Desk to answer any additional questions. 

Pilot project on new learning management system begins in March

Feb 26, 2013


Twenty faculty members from all three schools will receive training beginning next month on a new Blackboard learning management system and test the updated LMS in classes this summer—a major step in the rollout of the learning environment next year.

That pilot project will be followed by another in the fall involving 40 to 50 faculty members in preparation for a University-wide launch of Blackboard Learn 9.1 in spring 2014, says Ben Zastrocky, Educational Technology Center director and co-chair of the Learning Management System Migration Task Force.

Read More in the @MSU Denver Article...

New Spam Appliance 

February 20, 2013 

This past fall the MSU Denver Department of IT Email Team installed a new Email Security Appliance built by McAffee called McAffee Email Gateway 7.0. This appliance is used to evaluate both incoming and outgoing email messages sent & received by the Faculty and Staff of MSU Denver for Virus, Malware, SPAM Phishing and other Malicious Content contained and transmitted by email. This appliance was installed to replace the aging Ironmail Email Security Appliance, that had been discontinued by McAffee in spring 2012. Over the past several months the Email team has been monitoring email traffic into the appliance and has seen a drastic reduction in the amount of SPAM and Phishing attempts made to the University. Since January 2013, the new appliance has prevented more then 50,000 SPAM emails from being delivered to the Faculty and Staff of MSU Denver. The college has also seen a drastic reduction in the amount of Phishing attempts delivered to users mailboxes that results in fewer users having their mailboxes compromised. 

Users may have noticed the newly improved quarantine release digest messages that are delivered to them whenever a message that is destined for them is held, because of questionable content. The new digest gives users more control over their mailboxes and allows them to Whitelist or Blacklist email senders as they wish. The users are also able to release messages out of quarantine into their mailboxes. Please read the Knowledgebase article for instructions for using the new spam quarantine digests.

These improvements to the Email Security at MSU Denver have been the result of over five months of work from the dedicated Email team in the Department of IT at MSU Denver. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Email Security at MSU Denver please contact the IT Service Center at 303-552-7548 on your campus phone or by submitting a ticket online.

Fake meeting invitation being sent to users on campus

January 28, 2013 

Email users at Metropolitan State University of Denver are receiving a meeting invitation via e-mail that should just be deleted. Responding to this invitation will only result in your e-mail address being added to spam and phishing e-mail lists.

The Windows server administration team is working on our spam filters to help block this message, but in the meantime, please do not“accept” or “decline” this meeting or otherwise respond to the message. Please delete the e-mail.

As always, be wary of any offers of money or requests for usernames, passwords, or “click this link” content in e-mail.

Banner System Issues: Impacts on Delivery of Services to Students

January 22, 2013


Banner services, including online forms, jobs, and “My Services/Registration” have been running extremely slow, not allowing logins, or completely failing since 1/3/13. No cause or resolution has been identified at this time.

Impacts to Students: 

  • Difficulty getting into the “My Services/Registration” link from the “My Services / Registration” tab on ConnectU.
  • “External System Error” – the system is responding to slowly. - 
  • Printing of the Class Schedule results in a timed out session.
  • Delays in getting information at campus offices as staff are unable to login to the system to check records. 

If  you are experiencing these issues 

  •  Login to the system before 9:00am or in the evening when the system is not as busy.

  •  If a class schedule is needed for the RTD bus pass, go to the Advising Center in SSB-170 to have a schedule printed for you.
  •  For Registration issues, contact the Office of the Registrar in SSB-160.

What is being done:

Administrative Computing staffs have enlisted the help of the Banner vendor, the Oracle database vendor, and 2 consulting firms to help identify and solve the underlying issue that is causing the slowdowns and outages. A major database upgrade was completed on 1/19, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. Monitoring is taking place to mitigate the problem.

Estimated Resolution Date:

At this time there is not an estimated date for resolution of the underlying problem.

Security Alert! – Critical Java browser add-on vulnerabilities

January 14, 2013 

Oracle has announced that multiple vulnerabilities exist for version 7 of its Java browser add-ins.   The standard version installed by default in our environment is version 6, which is not subject to this issue. 

If you have administrative rights on your computer, you may have updated Java to a version that is unsafe.  Your home computer could also be at risk.  These vulnerabilities are severe, making computers susceptible to having malicious software installed by simply visiting a website that has an applet embedded in a web page.  It is highly recommended that you disable Java 7 in your Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers.  Please note that both ConnectU and Banner require Java, but that version 6 should be installed for use on the MSU Denver network.  

Instructions for disabling Java in your browser

More detailed information about the vulnerabilities can be found in the following articles:

Security Alert for CVE-2013-0422 Released

Alert (TA13-010A): Oracle Java 7 Security Manager Bypass Vulnerability

Oracle patches latest zero-day vulnerabilities in Java

Google Apps Password Sync for Students

Jan 4, 2013 

Students are now able to use the same password they use to access their email, log into the student lab computers and access ConnectU also known as their Academia account, to log directly into their Google accounts. This will eliminate the necessity to log into ConnectU to access your email, Google docs & drive or other features of your Google Apps account.

Simply reset your Academia account password the next time you are on campus in any of the student computer labs or if you have enrolled in Metro’s Self Service Password Reset Program, visit and reset your password. This will automatically synchronize your new password with your google account, allowing you to access for your Google apps.

This new feature allows you to use your mobile devices with Gmail as well, just follow Gmail’s instructions for adding your email account, located in the settings window when logged into Gmail and be sure to use your and your new password. For more information about using Google Apps Password Sync please visit the MSU Denver GAPS Knowledgebase article.

If you have any trouble or just have questions, please feel free to visit the IT Service Center Windows in West Classroom 241 or Admin Building 4th floor. You can also call the Service Center at 1-877-352-7548 and you can always visit MSU Denver’s Technology website,

It is very important to know, that if you reset your Gmail password, that does not sync with your Academia password. The sync is only one way, so sync your Academia password first and use that with your Google Account.

New IT Website Design

Dec 20, 2012  

Technology Service Teams at MSU Denver are implementing a new site Landing page and site organization. The New will launch 12/20/12.  The new navigation design will allow for customers to more quickly access resources and information, and consolidate resources for Faculty and Staff members. The reorganization of the site will also improve search results in the search tool, and leverage content sharing tools in site manager. 

A new IT communications process will increase the frequency of and aggregate News Items, Alerts, and Outages. Customers who wish to receive updates can now check the IT System Status page or follow updates on the new Twitter account. Users of up the old @mscdit twitter will now need to follow@MSUDenverIT

IT Strategic Planning Task Force prepares for survey

Dec 3, 2012 

The 20-member task force supporting the strategic planning process for information technology services is getting organized to survey members of the MSU Denver community about their experiences with IT and how systems and services can better serve the goals of the University.

The task force, with representatives from all of the University’s constituencies, has been meeting weekly since early October to discuss and plan how this process is to be conducted. Now, it is preparing “to hear from a large, representative group across campus before we make big decisions,” says Sandra Haynes, dean of the school of professional studies, who co-chairs the task force with Management Professor Rajendra Khandekar.

The survey and other outreach efforts are aimed at developing a comprehensive blueprint for IT that further integrates technology services into the fabric of the institution, envisions IT as a full partner with the University and not simply as a support group, and advances the goals of A Time of Transformation, MSU Denver’s 2012-17 strategic plan...Read the full @MSU Denver article

Got U update: Action needed on faculty/staff email

Faculty and staff must update their Microsoft address book entries and delete the auto-populate cache on all their devices by Aug. 9, 2013, when the migration from the domain to the domain will be complete.

Both the and addresses have been operational since the name change; however, after Aug. 9, emails sent with the address will fail.

Click here for instructions for updating desktop, laptop and home computers as well as mobile devices.

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