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As MSU Denver evolves to better meet our student, faculty, and staff experience, our technology should support those needs by being sustainable, robust, and provide an enhanced overall experience. This is reflected in the University’s number one strategic goal which is to attract, prepare, and graduate students equipped to succeed in the 21st century. Upgrading Banner Self-Service – the system used by all Roadrunners for numerous tasks like searching the course catalog, registering for classes, reviewing financial aid information, checking leave balances, and much more – directly supports this goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information about the Banner 9 Self-Service Upgrade Initiative


All members of the MSU Denver community will be able to view and update their personal information, emergency contacts and direct deposit information. In addition to this functionality the following users will have access to:

  • Current and new students will be able to browse and register for classes and create schedules for future terms. They will use SSB9 to access their Student Profile, Student Account and Financial Aid information.
  • Prospective students and their parents will be able to view future course offerings and class schedules.
  • There are commonly used resources located all in one spot, which makes advising conversations for faculty and professional advisors more efficient with students. Rather than giving students a link to the catalog, a link to Class Scheduler, or a link to the general class schedule, these commonly used tools that students need are all located in one spot to easily access.
  • Students will also see notifications if they have holds on their account or their registration status, which will be helpful for them to see on their dashboard rather than advisors showing them this information through two separate links.


The current SSB8 portal will be upgraded to the SSB9 platform over the course of the next year.


October 2021: Student Self-Service, General Self-Service, and Student Registration Self-Service

April 22, 2022: Faculty Self-Service


The method by which users enter the new SSB9 portal will be identical to that of the SSB8 portal. All links from websites like the Student Hub and Faculty and Staff Hub will still link directly to the appropriate pages.


SSB9 offers a modern digital experience with a redesigned user interface.  It has the capability to provide relevant information in an easy to navigate manner with both mobile and standard web enhancements. It will allow the MSU Denver community greater access to relevant data and supports an improved overall user experience for students, faculty, advisors, and staff.


During the transition, some functionality will be available in SSB8, and some functionality will be accessed via SSB9. Training videos and how-to articles about using SSB9 will be available via the ITS Knowledge Base and in-person support will also be provided.