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Web Time Entry


Web Time Entry (WTE) is the online time sheet reporting system used by MSU Denver hourly and student employees and their supervisors. Hourly and student employees use WTE to enter the hours they worked within a pay period and to submit their time sheet for approval. Supervisors use WTE to review and approve each of their employees' time sheets. WTE may also be used to monitor the online time sheets on a daily basis as well as review time sheet history. 

Please note: MSU Denver faculty and classified and administrative employees are not currently using the WTE reporting system.

Hourly & student employees are responsible for entering hours worked during each bi-weekly pay period through the WTE online time sheet in Banner. For information about pay periods, deadlines and pay dates, please refer to the "Payroll Newsletter & Reminders" email that the Human Resources Department sends out bi-monthly.
Please see the Web Time Entry for Hourly and Student Employees webpage for step-by-step instructions for creating and submitting a time sheet using WTE. You may also download a PDF version of the instructions: Web Time Entry - How-to Guide for Hourly and Student Employees.

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving their employees' WTE online time sheets. In the event a supervisor is unavailable to approve the online time sheets by the deadline, they must designate a proxy to act on their behalf. The supervisor will need to set up a proxy in Banner.

Remember, that a time sheet is a legal document. When reviewing an employee's time sheet, please check the following:

  • Both the days and hours that the employee reports as being worked are accurate.
  • The hours worked must be rounded to the nearest quarter hour and expressed in decimal form. Example: 15 minutes = .25 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours, 45 minutes =  .75 hours.
  • Pay attention to University holidays...if an employee records that they worked that day, the information may not be correct.
Please see the Web Time Entry for Supervisors and Proxies webpage for step-by-step instructions for reviewing and approving a time sheet in WTE. You may also download a PDF version of the instructions: Web Time Entry - How-to Guide for Supervisors and Proxies.

Further Assistance

If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Helpdesk.


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