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Instructional Computing Environments (ICE)

MSU Denver offers various Instructional Computing Environments (ICE) to meet the expanding teaching and learning needs of faculty and students. Each ICE option is available 24/7 from anywhere with Internet access. Faculty may administer and edit these environments as needed to design, develop, and maintain them; students are only able to access them. Please see the ICE Infographic for the access requirements and suggested uses for the environments. Each ICE is also described below:

Custom Virtual Computing Environment

Do you need a computer lab for your classes to use? If you already have a computer lab, does it need to be updated? Have you ever considered using a virtual classroom environment? If so, ITS can help set up a virtual computing environment for your specific academic needs. Simply fill out a New Virtual Machine Request and an ITS representative will contact you to discuss the options.

MSU Denver Sites

Built on the world-class Wordpress platform, there are over 30 visual themes available for MSU Denver faculty and staff, so websites can reflect their author’s needs. Additional themes and custom plugins can be added by contacting the ETC.  This is the suggested option for all faculty or staff members who actively maintain a website on the Rowdy server. Find more information about MSU Denver Sites at

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is MSU Denver’s learning management system used by faculty to provide course content to their students online. The Educational Technology Center (ETC) development team assists faculty with the design, development, and delivery of instructional materials. Our experienced course developers are available for a Blackboard design consultation. Consultations may be brief or may be extended, taking place over the course of a few months or a semester. Find more information about Blackboard Learn at

Responsible Use of ICE

All users of the Instructional Computing Environments are required to adhere to the University's Responsible Use Policy and follow all copyright laws. It cannot be used to collect, process, store or transmit confidential personal information or transact business.

Please note that ITS blocks the use of Weebly, Wix, Moonfruit, and Jotform on campus. If you are an MSU Denver faculty member and you want to create a website for your class, please use either the Blackboard Learn or MSU Denver Sites platform.


Further Assistance

If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Helpdesk.


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