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Blackboard Learn is MSU Denver’s learning management system and is used by faculty to provide course content to their students online.

Blackboard Learn can be accessed from the Student Hub. Simply click the Blackboard Learn link under Web Services and enter your NetID and Password when prompted.

Blackboard Learn syncs with your NetID. If you need to reset your NetID password, please follow the instructions on our Password Reset Program page.

Blackboard Learn has a Browser Test Tool which can ensure your computer is compatible with Blackboard Learn. It is recommended you test your browser once logged in to Blackboard Learn for the first time and for every new machine you use to access Blackboard Learn. To run the browser test, click on "Test your Browser" once you are logged in.


There are two ways to send messages within Blackboard to course members:

  1. Course Message (internal) - The message stays within the course, rather than being sent to their actual email account.
  2. Send Email (external) - The message is sent directly to the recipient's Office 365 email inbox.

               NOTE:  Replies to external messages go to the Office 365 email inbox of the person that sent the message.  Email never gets sent "back" to Blackboard.

A tutorial video that explains the two options can be viewed at:

After logging in to Blackboard Learn, by default you will see a "My Courses" module in the middle column.  Course content will be displayed within the individual course pages displayed here.

As noted at the top of the My Courses module, course pages will not appear until the course's start date by default.  If your course is not available at that time, you will need to contact your instructor.


Please use the instructions at the following URL:

NOTE: Courses will only be listed if the course has been migrated. For instructions on how to initiate a course migration, please use the following URL:  By close of business the day before the semester starts, any course CRN that did not select content to be migrated will automatically have a Blackboard course page generated using the Institutional Template (also called a blank shell). This will include the default start and end dates of the course (beginning and end of semester).

This message means the course page exists and can be accessed by the professor, but is unavailable for students.  You will need to modify the course's start/end dates to resolve this; instructions on how to do this can be found at the following URL:

Yes! Follow the steps below to give students who received an incomplete access to a course in Blackboard Learn to complete their coursework.

  1. Change the Blackboard Learn course's end date to the date you would like the student to complete their work by. Instructions for changing the course end date can be located at be aware all students who were in the class will be able to see the course in Blackboard until the new end date.
  2. For assignments, adjust the end date and availability display date for any assignment(s) the student needs to complete. This will allow the student to access those specific assignments.
  3. For exam/tests, you will need to create a test exception (instructions at for the specific student. This will allow the student to access the exam past the original due date and potentially add additional attempts for that student if they had already completed the exam/test previously.
  1. Ensure the RealPlayer application is up to date.  The latest version can be downloaded from the vendor's website at the following URL:
    • Manual instructions from the above webpage:
      1. Navigate to
      2. Click on "Support" on the bottom of page
      3. Click on "Installing RealPlayer for the first time" under Setup & Installation section
    • VLC media player is an alternate solution.  The latest version can be downloaded from the vendor's website at the following URL:
  2. If the link ends in "",
    • Temporary fix:  You can edit the URL within your browser's address bar to say "" instead of "".
    • Permanent fix:  You can submit a support ticket to the ETC team, who will contact the instructor about getting the link updated.
  3. If the video link is prompting you to log in, the video content is hosted by the Auraria Library Skyline Catalog, which requires the user to log in with their Auraria Library account.  The credentials are your full name and student ID number by default.

Blackboard Learn help/support

When students or instructors are logged into Blackboard Learn, there is a Help link in the upper-right corner of the screen.  This link contains information for both students and faculty.


 Blackboard Training

  • Faculty training can be accessed at the following URL:  Click on "Faculty Training", then on  "Blackboard Learn Training".

Additional Blackboard Learn tutorial/knowledge base 

Additional Blackboard Learn tutorial and knowledge base content can be accessed at following URL:  Please use this site prior to escalating any inquires to the ETC team.

Further Assistance

If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Helpdesk.


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